Florida congressional candidate accuses rivals of plotting to kill her

A Florida congressional candidate has accused her potential rivals in the GOP primary of plotting to kill her.

Anna Paulina Luna, who has previously been endorsed by former President Donald Trump in the race, obtained a temporary restraining order Friday against fellow Republican William Braddock, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Luna claimed in court papers that Braddock and her other “political opponents” Matt Tito and Amanda Makki were working together to “take her out,” the report said.

“I received information yesterday (at midnight) regarding a plan (with a timeline) to murder me made by William Braddock in an effort to prevent me from winning the election for FL-13,” Luna wrote in her petition for an injunction last week.

“I feel and fear that this is an orchestrated attempt on my life being organized and carried out by William Braddock and he claims he is working together with Ms. Makki and Mr. Tito,” she said.

Braddock — who filed Monday to run as a Republican candidate for the same seat Luna is seeking — strongly denied the allegations.

“This woman is off her rocker and she does not need to be representing anyone,” he told the Tampa Bay Times.

He said he’s only met Luna in-person once and doesn’t even have her phone number.

Tito, who lost a race for the Florida House of Representatives in 2020, has previously called on Luna to drop out, saying she is unfit for office, according to the report.

“I’m shocked but it’s kind of like this is what she does,” Tito told the newspaper. “She can’t debate you on the policy issues. She plays the victim better than anybody I’ve ever seen.”

Luna is running for the seat being vacated by Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist. She nabbed Trump’s endorsement last year and also has the backing of Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.

“Ms. Luna has no comment at this time due to multiple ongoing law enforcement investigations of this matter,” her spokesperson, James Blair, told the Times. “We are confident the facts will be public at the appropriate time.”

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