Funny vid reveals how hard it is to actually maintain 6ft coronavirus social distancing – The Sun

THIS funny video shows how hard it is to navigate city streets whilst maintaining the 6ft coronavirus social distancing rule.

Daniel Rotsztain created the "Social Distancing Machine" made of pipes and bicycle tubes and walked down Yonge Street in Toronto's city center to prove his point.

The city has advised its residents to stay two meters apart, but according to the 30-year-old urban geographer, this simply isn't possible.

Rotsztain filmed himself trying to navigate the street whilst wearing the circular device, but was unable to stop from bumping into passersby, cars and buildings.

"I realise it's not very practical, but that's the point," he told Newsflash.

"I wanted to create something visual and fun to show how impossible it is to navigate the streets."

He said the video online with the message: "Made a Social Distance machine to show why @cityoftoronto needs to close major streets like Yonge during COVID-19. Our sidewalks are too narrow to keep a safe distance. Tell @JohnTory and your local councillors: #streets4peopleTO!

Toronto has so far not closed its streets to vehicles, despite Vancouver and Montreal both adapting their urban planning to make enough room for pedestrians and cyclists to roam safely.

The mayor has instead floated the idea of one-way sidewalks.

There are 12,150 confirmed and probable cases and 634 deaths in Ontario, the state in which Toronto is in.

In Canada, the country has had 36,831 cases and 1,690 deaths.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that Canadians should expect weeks, or even months, of social distancing.

“To stay at home, to continue this period of isolation and distance is the best way to get out as quickly as possible, but certainly it will be a case of several weeks, perhaps several months,” Trudeau said earlier this month.


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