Furious vegan battered cafe worker girlfriend with a vinegar bottle because she 'smelled of BACON'

A YOUNG woman has told how her vegan boyfriend attacked with a vinegar bottle because she "smelled of BACON."

Christopher Ellam, 22, lashed out a Bethany Smith, 23, when she came home from her job at a cafe smelling of meat.

He had already banned his partner from eating meat when she came back with the scent lingering on her clothing.

At Kirklees Magistrates Court, he pleaded guilty to assault by beating, two counts of criminal damage and sending indecent or grossly offensive messages.

Now Bethany, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, has reveaed: "I thought Christopher loved me, but he tried to control almost every aspect of my life.

"I never wanted to be a vegan or even vegetarian, but he made me feel like I had to be.

"After he attacked me for smelling of bacon… I knew enough was enough."

In 2015, Bethany said Christopher decided to become a vegan.

Bethany said: "He told me bluntly: 'If you're not going vegan, I'll break up with you.'

But Bethany claims things then went from bad to worse.

She said: "He got jealous and angry of me 'looking at men' on TV – like a topless Channing Tatum."

Bethany said she was relieved to leave the flat they shared in Huddersfield to work at her stepdad's café in Halifax.

She said:  "But when I got home from a shift one evening, Christopher was raging. He snapped and told me I 'smelt of meat'.

"He pulled me by my hair into the bathroom and forced me to have a shower.

"The next morning, I got up to head to the café, but Christopher was still annoyed."

She said her boyfriend then "flipped."

"He grabbed the glass bottle of vinegar off the side and whacked me around the side of the head with it. He punched and kicked me.

"I dropped to the floor and curled up in a ball with a cushion covering my face to try and shield it."

Eventually, Christopher stopped and Bethany managed to get up and run out of the flat.

She said: "The brutal beating was the final straw. After four years of abuse, I went back to my mum's house.

"My face was swollen and bruised and when she asked me what had happened it all came pouring out."

In November 2019, Ellam appeared at Kirklees Magistrates' Court and magistrates sentenced Christopher to a community order including the 33 day Building Better Relationships programme.

He was told to complete up to 10 rehabilitation activity days and 200 hours of unpaid work.

Christopher was also ordered to pay £500 victims compensation as well as £85 court costs.


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