Furloughed barman scoops £100k on a £2 National Lottery scratchcard after tough year

A FURLOUGHED barman and his student NHS nurse wife have scooped £100,000 on a £2 scratchcard after a tough year.

Jonny Wright, 40, said his "legs went to jelly" after realising they had bagged the huge National Lottery payout.

He had gone to the shops in Quorn, Leicestershire, to buy some chewing gum and a fizzy drink, spending his change on a scratchcard.

On the walk home through the snow he realised they had struck gold, phoning his wife Heather Wright, 40, to tell her the good news.

The couple threw a Prosecco karaoke party to toast their newfound riches.

Jonny has already splashed out on his dream Mazda 6 car and and the couple plan to take their two children on their first foreign holiday after lockdown.


Jonny said: "I started walking home and scratched it. My legs went to jelly.

"Even though it’s just a 15-minute walk home from the shop, I couldn’t wait to tell Heather so I phoned her and she obviously didn’t believe my story.

"My knees aren’t good, having played a lot of football when I was younger, but that didn’t bother me – I just ran home like a schoolboy.”

Heather, who is is due to graduate and join frontline nursing in September, said: "It was all a bit overwhelming.

"We got the karaoke on in the evening, did a bit of dancing and a bit of singing."

I then bought a few bottles of Prosecco to party with – Heather and I then just sang and danced around the house for a few hours after that

The family also hope to treat themselves to a ‘staycation’ once coronavirus restrictions are eased.

And they will spend some of the winnings on their house, with new carpets top of the list.

Jonny has also given some money to close friends and family aftter

When Jonny got home from the shops, he showed Heather the scratchcard before calling his parents.

He said: “I was physically shaking. Mum and Dad checked it for me, and again, and said it had to be a winner, so I just called The National Lottery there and then.

“I went back home to tell Heather and then popped back to the shop to just have someone else verify the Scratchcard…again.

"I then bought a few bottles of Prosecco to party with – Heather and I then just sang and danced around the house for a few hours after that.”

The couple have had a tough year during the Covid pandemic with Jonny furloughed, briefly returning to work last Summer and Autumn.

Heather has been working and studying on the NHS front line as the pandemic raged, causing a huge emotional and physical challenge.

Jonny admitted "2020 hasn’t been kind" but said "this is a great gift as we hopefully start to come out of lockdown".


He added: “I’m really looking forward to going back to work and our children will be back with their friends at school very soon – things are definitely looking up.

"We had to borrow laptops from our children’s school during the home-schooling period because we couldn’t afford a new one each.

"To know now we can look after our kids and all their needs just feels great. This year is going to be a better year."

Heather said: "Being a student nurse we've been under quite a bit of stress.

"The children being at home and doing their homeschooling. It's been quite difficult.

"There was one time we only had one laptop between us all, so that was quite difficult.

"Having that security there to be able to help everyone it's been a lot easier."

The couple plan to save the rest of their money for a rainy day.

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