Ghislaine Maxwell shamelessly accused 30 girls of LYING to cops about being sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein

GHISLAINE Maxwell shamelessly accused 30 girls of lying to cops about being sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell made the claims in a bombshell deposition in 2016, which was finally unsealed yesterday.

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Maxwell – who allegedly was paedophile Epstein's "madam" – was asked: "Are you aware there were underage girls, of them, in this police report that were assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein in the Palm Beach house during the time you are working there?"

She replied: "I am aware that Virginia [Roberts] has lied repeatedly."

Maxwell was then asked: "I'm not asking about Virginia. I'm asking if you are aware that there were over 30 underage girls who gave reports to police officers during the time you worked for Jeffrey Epstein. Are you aware of that?"

Maxwell continued to deny the claims.

"I already testified I was limited in the house, a couple of days, there is no way I knew," she said.

"I have read these reports. I cannot testify to 30. Given the experience I've had with Virginia's lies, it's very hard for me to testify about what I see.

"I can tell from you my personal knowledge I did not know what you are referring to."

After being pushed for further clarification, Maxwell repeated her assertion that Epstein's accusers were not telling the truth.

She said: "What I have already told you and I will repeat, I was in the house very limited times, very few times.

"I do not know what you are referring to. I've read these reports but based on the lies that Virginia has perpetrated, cannot tell you what is true or factual or not."

The 465-page testimony was finally released despite Maxwell's desperate attempts to block it.


Prince Andrew’s name was blanked out of the dynamite papers released yesterday.

The court documents detail his alleged relationship with paedo Jeffrey Epstein under-age sex slave Virginia Roberts.

Prince Andrew’s name is thought to have been blanked out 75 times in the explosive court files.

Andrew’s name was redacted as he was not part of that legal tussle.

Maxwell was quizzed for seven hours about Andrew’s link to Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the Epstein sex slave he denies sleeping with.

A key passage about an alleged night out at London’s Tramp club with Virginia, Andrew and Epstein in 2001 was mysteriously redacted.

Maxwell is asked: “Do you recall going to dinner with (name redacted), Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Roberts in London, at any time?” Maxwell said: “I do not".

The lawyer then asks: “Do you recall going to a place called (two names redacted) Jeffrey Epstein and yourself and Virginia Roberts?”

Maxwell then says: “I would just like to state for the record…” The next five lines are blacked out.

Maxwell also insisted Virginia and Andrew could not have had sex in the bathtub of her London home because it was too small.

And she appeared to confirm Andrew had visited Epstein’s Paedo Island home in the Caribbean.

Maxwell admitted her own relationship with Epstein was intimate, adding: “There were times when I would have liked to think of myself as his girlfriend.”

Maxwell’s testimony, released in New York, was taken from a 2015 civil lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts.

Roberts, a mum of three, claims she was forced to sleep with Andrew three times when a teenager.

She sued Maxwell for defamation and the case was later settled.

Maxwell is currently in a New York jail on charges that she groomed girls for Epstein, who died in jail in August last year.

In her testimony, Maxwell was evasive on many claims – including Virginia’s 2001 trip to London.

Quizzed by Virginia’s lawyer Sigrid McCawley, Maxwell said: “I do not have any recollection of it and I doubt it actually happened.

“Her entire ludicrous and absurd story of what took place in my house is an obvious lie."


Virginia has claimed sex with Andrew included foreplay in a bath, with the royal said to have licked her feet.

But Maxwell retorted: “The tub is too small for any type of activity.”

Maxwell, 58, was also shown the picture of Andrew with his hand wrapped around Virginia’s waist, allegedly taken during that trip. She would not confirm if the snap was even taken in her house.

Maxwell said: “I have no idea what (sic) this picture was taken. I know what she (Virginia) purports it to be. But I’m not going to say that I do.

“I don’t know if that’s true, if that’s a real picture or not.”

She suggested the photograph may be faked because of Virginia’s “strange” outfit.

She added: “I took her shopping into Burberry and bought her a very expensive dress and if this photo were real…I would never…the outfit doesn’t work at all.”

Maxwell also claimed she did not know who took the photo.

Quizzed if it was Epstein, she replied: “You can come up with 50 names. I still don’t know.”

In an apparent reference to Andrew, Maxwell was asked: “Did you observe (redacted name) go into a room with Virginia alone in your town home?”

She replied: “I cannot recall. As I have said, no”.

8 Maxwell bombshells

  • Details of an alleged night out in London with Virginia Roberts, Andrew and Epstein at Tramp nightclub – which left some of her key responses blacked out
  • Her insistence that Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts could not have had sex in her London townhouse bathtub – because it was too small
  • How she also believed the infamous picture of Andrew and Virginia could be faked
  • Her apparent confirmation that Prince Andrew did visit Epstein’s Paedo Island
  • Her admission there was a “caricature” puppet of Prince Andrew – but that she could not remember if it was used to touch girl’s breasts
  • Her calling Virginia a liar 28 times and denying dressing the teenager up as a schoolgirl
  • How she could not remember a stash of sex toys reportedly kept in a laundry basket
  • Her denial that she recruited girls for Epstein, despite admitting that they had been “intimate” together

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