Girl, 13, raped and murdered in India as 'body found with eyes gouged out and tongue mutilated in sugarcane field'

A TEENAGER was raped and killed and her body was dumped in a sugarcane field in India.

The girl's father claims that her tongue had been mutilated and her eyes gouged out – but this is disputed by police, according to reports.

The teen's family had raised the alarm after she failed to return from the fields on Friday night.

The alleged incident took place in a village close to the Nepal border.

Two people in the village have been arrested. The 13-year-old's body was reportedly found in one of the fields of the accused.

The girl's father said the family had "looked for her everywhere" before finding her strangled.

"Her eyes had been gouged out. Her tongue had been cut and strangled with a dupatta," he claimed.

The autopsy mentioned rape and strangulation, NDTV reports.

"Her eyes were not gouged and the tongue was not cut. This claim is not true. There is nothing in the post-mortem report to suggest this," local cops said.

Police confirmed that there were scratches near the teenager's eyes, likely caused by the sharp sugarcane leaves in the field.

Police will file charges of rape and murder.

A senior member of the Opposition Congress Party, Jitin Prasada, condemned the attack as "saddening."

"The inhumane act with a girl has put humanity to shame," he reportedly told the Times of India.

Nearly 34,000 rapes are reported in the country each year despite tough laws introduced in recent years.

Rape and sexual violence has been under the spotlight in India since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a young woman in the capital Delhi, which prompted thousands demanding stricter laws.

Outrage over her death led to legislators passing tough new laws against sexual violence, including the death penalty for rape in some cases.

Prison sentences for rapists were doubled to 20 years as well as well as criminalising voyeurism, stalking and trafficking of women.

Indian MPs also voted to lower the age at which a person can be tried as an adult for heinous crimes to 16 from 18.

In November last year, the gang rape and murder of a vet in Hyderabad sparked protests, making global headlines.

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