Girl, 3, ‘strangled and set on fire by monster couple who stole her gold earrings’

A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl was “strangled and set on fire” by a monster couple who stole her gold earrings, according to reports.

Muhammad K.L. and his wife allegedly lured toddler Jana Salah to the roof of their house and killed her – before stealing her gold earrings.

The husband is believed to have taken the girl’s body back to his home where it was kept for three days before setting it ablaze in a bid to conceal her identity.

Her remains were dumped at a construction site in Egypt and was later found by other children playing nearby.

Al-Arabiya reports that Muhammad confessed that he killed the toddler because he was poor and needed to sell the girl’s earrings to pay for his pregnant wife’s medical bills and take care of his children.

The couple was jailed for four days while detectives investigate the shocking crime.

According to Jana’s heartbroken family, she went missing several days ago while playing with other children in her neighbourhood.

Jana’s funeral was attended by thousands of sympathisers from her village of Al-Rawda and its surrounding areas.

Experts have linked the growing number of crimes in Egypt to the increasing poverty rate in the country, which has a population of over 98 million.

In July, a man sparked outrage after he threw his three children onto the path of a speeding train following a row over expenses, according to Middle East Monitor.

In the same month, a father set fire to a house killing five members of the same family after an argument over finances.

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