Girl, 7, stabbed to death in her bed in front of horrified mum who had just tucked her in and kissed her goodnight – The Sun

A LITTLE girl was brutally stabbed to death with a pair of scissors in her own bed in front of her traumatised mum and sister.

Melissa Desrosiers has told of the horrific moment a family friend burst into her seven-year-old daughter Bella Rose's room at their home in Edmonton, Canada, while she was tucking the child into bed.

The attacker plunged the blades into the girl prompting Melissa to grab her other daughter Lily, four, and run for her life.

She says she knew she could not save Bella Rose – who died 10 months after her father took his own life.

Hours before her death on Monday night, the seven-year-old drew a picture of her killer, who was suffering a “personal crisis” at the time, CBC News reports.

The man, who has not been named, is said to have smiled when he saw the drawing.

Melissa said Lily was "absolutely sad" over losing her "best friend" Bella Rose who loved to sing and play the piano.

The loving sisters enjoyed setting up a stall and selling lemonade together in the summer, their mum said.

She told the news outlet that the attacker was long-time friend who she invited to stay at the house because he was having personal problems.

The grieving mum said she was planning to take the man to the hospital after she put her children to bed.

But moments after she had said goodnight to her girls, the man burst into the room and began stabbing Bella Rose.

Melissa saved Lily and called the police who arrested her former friend.

Paramedics tried and failed to save Bella Rose who died at the scene.

According to reports, charges were still pending against the man as of last night.

Less than a year ago, Melissa's husband Ben took his own life.

She says seven-year-old Bella Rose was “very strong” and “very resilient” and helped her cope with the devastating loss of her husband last July.

Neighbours of the family in Edmonton were horrified to hear of the “happy” little girl's death.

Debbie Smith told the Edmonton Journal: “It’s terrible what happened in my neighbourhood.

"I was shocked. I was crying.”

Another local resident, Marta Sanchez, said: “I couldn’t sleep last night. We’re very sad for these people.”

Ravi Sharma told CTV Edmonton: "Rough one last year you can say, very, very rough for the family and very rough for the block also.

"They were nice, very nice to have a neighbour like this family.”


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