GoFundMe halts fundraiser for AOC’s grandma despite $104K haul

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The fundraising campaign launched by a conservative commentator to help the grandmother of US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been yanked — because the lawmaker’s family is refusing to accept the $104,153 that’s been raised, GoFundMe said Saturday.

“The beneficiary has made clear to our Trust and Safety team they do not wish to accept the donations,” GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne told The Post about the “Save AOC’s Abuela’s Ancestral Home” page launched by columnist Matt Walsh.

Walsh broke the news earlier in the day on the fundraiser’s GoFundMe page, writing: “Someone’ in AOC’s abuela’s family told GoFundMe that she won’t take the money, even though AOC previously claimed that her grandma was in dire straits (and it was Trump’s fault).”

“She seems to think that it is worth $104,153 of her abuela’s money to express that [she] doesn’t want money from the likes of us,” he continued.

The facetious effort was launched after Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted a thread Thursday showing ramshackle conditions of her grandmother’s Hurricane Maria-battered home in Puerto Rico — putting the blame on the Trump administration for blocking aid to the island.

Walsh was among those who fired back at AOC, shaming her for allowing her granny to “suffer” in those conditions while she surrounds herself with creature comforts in the US.

“I’m grateful for the outpouring of support for AOC’s abuela, even if AOC isn’t,” Walsh said. “But questions do remain: Why didn’t AOC help her own abuela for nearly four years? Why did she turn down our help? Does AOC only want government help?”

“On my end, I’ll continue fighting to make the world a better place, one abuelita at a time,” he sarcastically added.

GoFundMe will issue refunds to all donors, Whithorne said.

The Post is reaching out to AOC for comment.

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