Horror as customer picks up trolley and launches it at woman knocking her out cold in supermarket rampage | The Sun

A SHOPPER horrifically launched a trolley at a woman and knocked her out cold in a shocking supermarket rampage.

Rogerio Santos da Silva, 36, hurled the heavy metal cart at the unsuspecting victim as they both browsed the aisles in a store in Brazil.

He launched the brutal attack on the woman as they queued for the checkout at the supermarket in the municipality of Santo Antonio do Descoberto on February 16.

Shocking footage captured the moment Santos da Silva calmly lifted the large orange trolley and walked towards her.

The 45-year-old victim, who wished to remain anonymous, can be seen shunting her trolley forward in the checkout line.

But she is suddenly knocked to the floor as Santos da Silva swung the cart directly at her head, seeing her collapse.


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The ruthless blow resulted in the victim passing out, before she was later had to be placed in a wheelchair to move her.

Despite the savage supermarket attack, the woman miraculously did not suffer any serious injuries.

But she told local media the riled shopper did not seem to care if he caused her serious damage with his antics.

The victim claimed she does not know Santos da Silva and did not even glance at him before the horror incident occurred.

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But the trolley-wielding brute said he was trying to teach her "a lesson" after she allegedly bullied him and called him "gay".

The injured shopper vehemently denied his claims, insisting she was simply "going about her duties" without any interaction with her attacker.

She explained: "He started lying, saying that I cursed him, in order to justify his violence and nobody did anything.

"At no time did I curse him, nor did I say a word to this man, nor did I look at him that could result in a misunderstanding.

"I was just following my life and going about my duties as an ordinary citizen. And this attack happened.

"I temporarily lost consciousness and could not move, and was carried by others to a wheelchair, feeling an unbearable pain in my head that prevented me from even speaking."

The victim believes Santos da Silva intentionally sought out the most deadly weapon he could find in the supermarket.

She continued: "He took the risk of killing me, acting intentionally, and, at the time, the most lethal thing he found nearby was a supermarket cart.

"A heavy cart like that, plus the force that was thrown, practically doubles the weight!

"It hit one fragile region of my head, the temples."

Her horrified husband, who also wished to remain anonymous, echoed his wife's version of events.

He added: "There was no discussion or anything like that. It was purely what is in the video. They didn't exchange a word."

The spouse claims that following the merciless attack, Santos da Silva shouted: "This is for you to learn and stop chasing me!"

The thug was quickly arrested at the scene by authorities and was pictured outside the store standing next to a cop.

However, he was only charged with minor bodily harm and promptly released.

According to G1, the suspect signed a Detailed Term of Occurrence (TCO) in connection with the incident.

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Santos da Silva could reportedly be locked up for a maximum of two years or possibly receive a hefty fine.

The attacker was previously accused of attempted murder in 2021 following allegations of domestic violence.

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