Horror injuries of man 'left for dead' after confronting badger hunters armed with shovels

A MAN was “left for dead” with horror injuries after "confronting badger hunters who were armed with shovels". 

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims he was brutally attacked after he confronted a group of hunters in a wooded area near Little Lever, Greater Manchester.

The member of Manchester Hunt Sabs said he was attacked by a group of five people with two dogs on Wednesday as they were allegedly digging up a badger sett. 

He says they beat him into a state of unconsciousness and “left him for dead”.

Thankfully the man regained consciousness and was able to make his way to help.

Images shared by Manchester Hunt Sabs onto Facebook yesterday show the horrific injuries sustained by the man. 

One picture shows dried blood covering the man's face with deep gashes across his expression.

Another shows a large chunk is missing from his outer lobe which will require plastic surgery to fix.

A deep crevasse can also be seen right across the top of his scalp which is still wet with blood. 

Due to his injuries, the man required 42 stitches and has had his ear stitched up to prevent any infections. 

Manchester Hunt Sabs captioned their post: “Last night one of our sabs disturbed a group of badger baiters in the Little Lever area of Bolton.

“He was out checking on a badger sett that he visits often and came across a group of five people with two dogs in the act of digging out the sett.

“Despite being alone he bravely confronted the men to prevent them killing any badgers. 

“These cowardly thugs then proceeded to beat him unconscious and leave him for dead.

“Thankfully once he regained consciousness he was able to make it back to the road and call for help.

“As you can see from the images, his injuries are very serious. He needed 42 stitches in his head, and will need plastic surgery on his ear.”


The saboteur group also issued a warning to others, saying: “Badger baiters are notoriously violent, they really are the lowest of the low. 

“We don't know how anyone could derive pleasure from inflicting so much pain and suffering on animals like that.”

Since the group shared the shocking images onto their Facebook page, hundreds of social media users have expressed their disgust at the images. 

A GoFundMe page was also set up to help the man as he is unfit to work, since being started yesterday the page has raised over £13,400 as of today.

Karen Bartram said: “Absolutely disgusting hope he has a speedy recovery.”

Lessa Lou posted: “Absolutely shocking but I would expect nothing more from these knuckle dragging psychopaths! Massive respect sabs.”

Paul Carr commented: “Great respect to you for confronting these dangerous and murderous scum, especially as one vs five armed. 

“Best wishes and hopefully the b******* will soon be behind bars.”

Speaking today, a spokesperson for Manchester Hunt Sabs said: “He's out of hospital now.

“Obviously sore and shaken up but taking it like a champ.

“They had shovels, but he doesn't know as he was knocked out and doesn't remember much of the actual attack. 

“We assume they did use shovels on him based on the injuries.”

Badger baiting was first made illegal in 1835 under the Cruelty to Animals Act and was granted further protection in 1992 under the Protection of Badgers Act.

It is an offence, to injure or kill a badger or to disturb a badger sett in anyway.

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