How much is Harambe's NFT being sold for?

CINCINNATI gorilla Harambe made headlines back in 2016 when he was shot after a child fell into his enclosure.

The 400-pound western lowland primate sparked an outcry among animal rights activists and conservationists when he passed.

How much is Harambe's NFT being sold for?

A price for the Harambe photo sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) is still to be determined.

The photo, which was taken the first day that Harambe arrived at the Cincinnati zoo, will be sold in an online auction. 

The sale of Harambe’s image as an NFT comes on the fifth anniversary of his death, May 28, 2016.

It is being sold by its official photographer, Jeff McCurry.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is an asset purchased with online cryptocurrency.

Owning an NFT means possessing an original work posted to the internet, which can include memes, art, or photos.

NFTs digitize a piece of work and get stored on the blockchain.

That means it cannot be replicated and is unique to whoever owns it.

Crypto commentator Jonathan Marriott said NFTs provide a legitimate way of verifying ownership and tracking the origins of an item.

He said: "An NFT lets you record where and when something is made and track the whole process to verify that it is legitimate.

"The public blockchain element makes it irrefutable. No-one can fake it."

What did Harambe’s photographer say about his image?

McCurry had had a close relationship with Harambe as he had photographed him several times, even telling BBC that he “considered Harambe a true friend.”

The photographer said: “My many hours spent with him were always special and intimate.

"While I will never stop taking photos as long as I live, I know I'll never find a better subject that means as much to me as Harambe."

Harambe got famous and went viral the moment he was tragically shot at the zoo. 

Internet users created memes and even wrote his name on the 2016 presidential ballot as a joke. 

Every anniversary of his death, photos of Harambe’s watchful gaze in his enclosure make the rounds on the internet, followed by the hashtag #RIPHARAMBE.

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