How women-hating Incels are plotting RIOTS in warped interpretation of Black Lives Matter to 'ban females from cities'

TWISTED “incels” are plotting to “attack embassies” and “ban women from cities" in a twisted interpretation of the Black Lives Matter cause.

The term “incel” means involuntary celibate and refers to a dark online community of young male virgins who hate girls and praise mass murderers.

Internet forums dedicated to the troubled thoughts of these disturbed men often contain misogyny, racism and openly discuss acts of violence against women.

Incel-related violence has been linked to at least 53 deaths in recent years, according to the Daily Beast.

And in one of the most popular incel discussion boards, some of the community talked about “banding together” and unleashing violence on the streets to emulate Black Lives Matter.

But while the BLM movement has been inspired by police violence against Black people, the 'cause' self-loathing incels are promoting appears to be driven solely by their hatred of women.

The recent thread on the forum was titled “The recent protests & riots have proven one thing: Violence actually works.”

We’d need to heavily organise this. The incel problem is an international one

One user wrote: “…the BLM strategy has been effective. Burn & loot a couple cities, and the politicians and corporations will start to do whatever the f*** you want them to do, it's pretty amazing.

“Imagine if incels banded together and did the same exact ѕhit these BLM people are doing?”

Another forum member, whose avatar picture is of Ricardo López – a crazed stalker who sent a letter bomb to singer Bjork before killing himself – suggested organising a worldwide incel movement.

He wrote: “We’d need to heavily organise this. The incel problem is an international one. A group of incels, in America for example, could band together and riot.

“We could organise it so that incels from different countries met up…

“Incels from England banded together. Incels from Poland banded together. Incels from the Philippines banded together. So on and so on.

“Maybe we could impact the world if each of those groups of incels rioted in their national country and also attacked embassies. It would devastate all countries.

“Some countries would be more lenient and accept our demands while some other countries would probably kill the protestors.

“At least if some countries cave in to our demands, that can still be considered a win.”

While is not clear what their twisted demands would be another recent thread of the forum discussed “banning women from cities.”


The opening comment read: “Cities should just be toll areas directly connecting freeways with skyscrapers.

There should be walls around it and no clubs, no mcdonalds or any of that. So women cant congregate in wh**e arenas…”

Other posters suggest sending women to war zones in the Middle East to be used as “cannon fodder.”

Another said: “They should be slaves. That's it.”

The community gained worldwide attention when British-born student Elliot Rodger, 22, murdered six people at the University of California in 2014.

The warped motive behind the killings were exposed in a chilling YouTube video and in a “massacre manifesto” in which he mentioned girls such as model Monette Moio, 20, who he called an "evil bitch" for spurning his advances.

Rodgers’ actions and the sick words in his manifesto are believed to have inspired at least three other mass murders in North America,

The most infamous of these was carried out by Alek Minassian, 25,who killed 10 people when he ploughing through pedestrians in a rented van in Toronto, Canada.

In a disturbing Facebook post, before the massacre, Minassian said an “Incel Rebellion has begun” while also praising Rodgers as a “Supreme Gentlemen.”

What is an incel?

Involuntary celibacy, often shortened to incel, is a term used to describe a person who can't have sex despite wanting to, according to incels.

The term also extends to people who believe they have no possibility of finding a partner to get love, validation or acceptance from.

The community is predominately male and the forum suggests women have readily available access to sex as do gay men.

However, the movement was initially started by a Canadian woman known as Alana.

Some people who identify as incels blame attractive men and women for their perceived state – a belief that has lead to several mass killings in the US.

The group dub people who are able to have normal sexual relationships as "normies" and have divisions within their community as to when someone can be classified as an incel.

He has gained notoriety in the community for posing as a male model on dating sites and then filming his disturbing encounters with women.

This comes as a suspected incel accidentally blew his own hand off while making an explosive device that may have been designed to kill "hot cheerleaders," according to reports last month,

Cole Carini, 23, of Richlands, arrived at the Clinch Valley Medical Center with a missing hand and shrapnel wounds on his neck and throat.

Several fingers on his other hand were also ripped off, which he told medics was caused by a lawnmower accident. 

But a cop who arrived at the hospital to interview Carini became suspicious after learning of his previous convictions for explosives. 

Police obtained a warrant to search Carini's home and alerted the FBI.

They discovered drops of blood leading from a minivan outside the residence to a bedroom on the second floor of the house.  

According to an arrest affidavit, investigators found "a piece of human skin" and "a skin colored chunk believed to be flesh" inside that bedroom. 

On June 8, it was reported that Carini had been charged with lying to federal authorities about the explosives and his injures.

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