Huge crowd of 50,000 music fans pack out New Zealand concert with no masks or social distancing

A HUGE crowd of 50,000 music fans has packed out a concert in New Zealand today – with no masks or social distancing.

Kiwi band Six60 performed at Auckland's Eden Park on Saturday night in a remarkable finale to their latest tour.

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The group has been billed as the biggest live act in the world after the Covid pandemic struck.

Tens of thousands of people without masks packed into the stadium to see the band as well as supporting acts Drax Project and Sir Dave Dobbyn.

There were no social-distancing rules in place either as New Zealanders continue to enjoy life without a lockdown.

Earlier this year, thousands watched Six60 perform in Waitangi.

The New Zealand government stopped travellers from entering the country at the start of the pandemic in a bid to prevent spread from overseas.

New Zealanders returning home must go into managed quarantine at a hotel for 14 days.


The country has been praised for its response to the pandemic, and has had one of the lowest Covid death tolls.

In total New Zealand has recorded 26 Covid deaths along with 2,601 cases.

Most, if not all of the new cases reported in the country are identified at the border from travellers who are then forced to quarantine.

New Zealanders do not have to adhere to social distancing rules, and are only required to use a face covering on public transport and flights.

The whole country went into lockdown from March until May last year.

Auckland, the biggest city, has since had two local lockdowns, from August to September in 2020 and from February until March this year.

Concerts have been banned in the UK since the first lockdown in March 2020.

However, 5,000 music lovers will be allowed to attend a concert in Liverpool next month.

The pilot event – at Sefton Park on May 2 – will have no social distancing and attendees will not have to wear masks and could pave the way to more outdoor events.

Beer gardens finally reopened last week and nightclub owners are set to throw open their doors on June 21 when all restrictions are lifted – provided Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown is followed.

Meanwhile in Barcelona last month, thousands crammed into a rock concert after passing a same-day Covid test.

The 5,000-strong gig was backed by authorities – and is believed to be the biggest event in Europe since the start of the pandemic.

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