Hunt for soldier Vanessa Guillen turns up remains of DIFFERENT trooper as Army suspects ‘foul play’ in her disappearance – The Sun

THE US Army is convinced foul play is involved in the disappearance of Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen, as a hunt for her body turned up the remains of a DIFFERENT trooper.

Texas Representative Sylvia García confirmed the army was suspicious of Guillen's disappearance, saying: "They have now used the words foul play."

"They are convinced now that there is foul play involved and they are following all the leads they can," she said during a Fort Hood press conference that was live streamed on social media on Tuesday.

Guillen’s father, sisters, García alongside their attorney Natalie Khawam met with military investigators and officials at Fort Hood, Texas, where Guillen was serving and last seen two months ago.

The search continues for the missing 20-year-old, as efforts to find her turned up the body of Pvt Gregory Scott Morales, a 24-year-old from Oklahoma.

The gruesome discovery was made on Friday in a field near the Fort Hood base where he was stationed.

Morales disappeared on August 19, 2019, while he was driving his own vehicle outside of the Fort Hood base, just days before he was due to be discharged.

Morales was positively identified using dental records, after officials found his remains following a tip off, reported Task & Purpose.

Foul play is suspected while the autopsy is ongoing to determine the cause and circumstances of death.

Morales' death is not believed to be connected with Guillen's disappearance.


Guillen's mother was due to attend the meeting with officials on Tuesday, but said she felt too ill to attend after seeing images of of soldiers searching for her daughter in a river, NBC reported.

"We don't have an actual 'tick-tock' (of) the whole day, who did what when," Garcia said, according to KCENTV. "That's very concerning to the family, it's very disturbing. There probably should have been three or four different checks at the barracks before the end of the day.

"We were not told who was the last person who saw her. We were not told who last witnessed her going to the parking lot," Garcia said.

"This girl is my life. She's my everything," Guillen's mother Gloria said in an emotional plea. "I want my little girl back. For the love of God, help me."

The military confirmed Guillen was last heard from at 11.30am based on phone records.

The family's attorney Natalie Khawam said a text was sent from Guillen’s phone to notify a supervisor of a serial number of a weapon she had to review.

Her phone has not been located, and Khawam raised suspicions over why such military information would be shared via text.


Guillen's family have expressed their frustration at how the military have responded to the disappearance of the soldier.

"I pleaded with them from the beginning that they search for my daughter, that they close the base and that they use the more than 30,000 soldiers to look for her and they never did it," said Gloria Guillen, speaking in Spanish at the press conference.

"I begged them to close the base and investigate room by room, barrack by barrack, building by building and they didn't do it. Why now are they doing a show to look for my daughter?"



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