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A WOMAN was left furious after her nightmare landlord refused to fix broken items – but she got her ultimate revenge.

Syd Lea took to TikTok and revealed how she got her own back when her landlord left her living in the mould covered house.

Among broken heating and and dead power outlets, the Minnesota woman gave her followers a shocking list of everything else that was wrong with the home.

The almost three-minute long video saw Syd flitting between rooms in her house to show viewers the state it was in.

But it didn't stay in that shape for much longer as the frustrated renter eventually won a court battle after going on rental strike until all the necessary repairs were made.

In the video, Syd started in front of a radiator while trying to change the temperature and said: "It hasn't gone up for days, weeks, months, whatever".


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Next she flicked a switch on a wall and panned to a fan on the ceiling that remained still – despite her multiple attempts to turn it on.

Syd then revealed a filthy patch of mould stretched out across her ceiling, telling her fans: "You see that, I know it looks gross, but that's because it is".

She listed her bathroom sink, shower drain and oven as the next home items that didn't work and even claimed her stove had blown up in her former roommates face.

A gaping hole in the wall that revealed a rusty pipe was revealed to viewers before she explained the horror story of the steps leading up to her house.

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"You see how some steps are different?" she asked her followers, "that's because it broke out under my boyfriend while he was walking down them in the middle of the wintertime".

In the next room, Syd showed her followers the ceiling which can be seen covered in gruesome patches of mould created by her leaky roof.

The angry tenant had jaws on the floor with her next nightmare story where she claimed her landlord had gotten Syd's boyfriend to fix the roof a year and a half ago.

The TikToker said her landlord agreed to pay her boyfriend around £2,400 for the job and would even knock two months off Syd's rent.

But in a shocking twist in the story, the Minnesota renter claimed her boyfriend never saw the money he was promised .

Syd revealed that this was one of the reasons she decided to get the ultimate revenge on her horror landlord.

The tenant soon went on rental strike – refusing to pay her landlord due to the grisly conditions of the home.

But Syd told her 33.4k followers that she had been in eviction court as her landlord was trying to boot her out following the rental strike.

And according to Syd, the court refused to even advance the case as the landlords position was so weak.

She said in her video: "The court administrator said she might as well just drop out otherwise it's [the case] is just gonna get let go and she will not be able to file for eviction in the fututre.

"All because I had proof of all the s*** that was wrong with the house, they told her if she didn't settle out of court with us personally then they were just gonna drop it and she was gonna be screwed in the future".

The post racked up a mega 31.7k likes and over 1k comments, with followers leaving their thoughts and support on the ghastly situation.

One wrote: "I see ALL kinds of lawsuits! Damn!"

A second said: "I hope you find a new home this weekend girl! That is just atrocious that she would ignore all of those issues!!"

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Another commented: "Girl you don't deserve to be living in that mess I wouldn't pay rent either".

She ended the rant telling her followers: "There's 100 per cent mould in this house and it's f****** disgusting, I have a viewing for a new place this weekend so cross your fingers".

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