I spent £75k transitioning from 'Human Ken Doll' – now I'm 100% healed and ready for sex, says Jessica Alves

JESSICA Alves is eyeing up potential suitors so she can have sex as a woman for the very first time and revealed he "doesn't need to be good looking or Prince Charming".

The reality TV star, 37, has spent £75,000 on plastic surgeries in two years, including two boobs jobs, bum and hip implants and shaved her skull to look more feminine.

In total, she’s spent a staggering £725,000 transforming every inch of her body since she was 17 years old and was formerly known as the 'Human Ken Doll'.

The Brazilian star, who lives in London, rose to fame on reality TV shows about plastic surgery addicts and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018.

Since starting to transition two years ago, she claims to have been approached by social media sex-pests from “all over the world” offering her up to £15,000 to sleep with them.

I have to feel safe and know he understands I'm a virgin so I have to be handled with care!

Now three months on from gender reassignment surgery, Jessica is "100% healed" and is ready to get physical for the first time.

However, the star insists she is holding out for someone she has “real chemistry with” and doesn’t just want a fling. 

In an exclusive interview, Jessica explains why her perfect man would not need to be Prince Charming, her fears about being considered a "fetish doll" and her surprising experiences on Tinder.

Jessica told The Sun: “It will be a different experience so I want it to be special. 

“If I don’t find the right person I will continue being a virgin, I won’t go to a bar to meet a guy and bring him home. 

“I’m not going to be with a man only because he’s good looking either, I have to feel safe and know he understands I’m a virgin so I have to be handled with care. 

“I am open about what he looks like, he doesn’t have to be the most good looking man in the world, not perfect or Prince Charming.

“I just want a man who is masculine and confident, who treats me well, loves my body, who wants to make love to me and touch me.

“I want someone who will hold my hand on the street, introduce me to his family and have a family with me at some point in the future.”


In her search for love, Jessica turned to Tinder and claims to have “really enjoyed” her time on the dating app so far – despite many swipers refusing to believe it’s her.

She said: “A lot of them ask ‘Are you real or a fake profile?’ and then I get reported, they think I’m fake but it’s actually me!

“I just chat and have never met with anyone, it’s a confidence thing for me, it does give me a boost because I get a lot of compliments about my look.”

On Thursday, Jessica will have her second breast augmentation, which will transform her “saggy” DDs into GGs.

She’s travelling to Be Clinic, in Brussels, Belgium, to be operated on by Dr Frank Plovier – who was recommended by her friend, the fellow reality star Katie Price 

Jessica wants bigger and perkier-looking boobs because she believes it will be a better fit for her frame.

She said: “I am a big woman – I have a wide back, wide shoulders and so need larger breasts, they will be double the size mine are now.

“The ones I currently have only look good in push-up bras that force my cleavage together, without them, they hang low and are far apart.

“Dr Plovier developed a technique that will mean I won’t need to wear a bra. Wearing a bra all the time is not easy at all!”


Jessica based her bustier look on the late Hollywood actress and Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith – who died from a drugs overdose in 2007.

She said: “When I was around 14, I used to love her style, she had big hair, was glamorous, with beautiful breasts and was just stunning.

“I guess that’s where it started, I loved Anna’s curves, her femininity and how glamorous she was.”

Since Jessica started living as a woman in November 2019, she has gone under the knife multiple times to enhance her womanly figure. 

I’m a virgin so I have to be handled with care

While known as the 'Human Ken Doll', she spent £650,000 transforming her body – including removing four ribs and having ab implants to look like she had a six-pack.

But after dressing as a woman for a photoshoot three years ago, Jessica felt comfortable and accepted she was always destined to be female.

She had butt and hips implants as well as facial feminisation surgery. 

As part of the alteration, Jessica's jawline, chin and brow bones were shaved and implants were put near her temples to give a “really feminine look”.

One of her biggest ops was gender reassignment surgery – Penile-Peritoneal Vaginoplasty – which took place in Bangkok, Thailand, in February.

Surgeons used Jessica's abdominal (peritoneal) lining, which is elastic and self-lubricates, to create a vaginal canal.

They also used penis tissue to construct a labia and a visible vagina during the six-hour operation.

Three months after undergoing a sex change, Jessica “couldn’t be happier” with the results.


THE REALITY TV star has spent more than £75,000 changing her appearance since she first started living as a woman in November 2019. Here is the list of operations she’s had so far:

Facial feminisation – £25,000

Gender reassignment – £17,000

Butt and hip augmentation – £15,000

First breast augmentation surgery (725cc) – £10,000

Second breast augmentation surgery (1300cc) – £11,000

She said: “I’m 100% healed, if you see my vagina there are no scars you could never know that anything has happened to it – it’s like any biological woman’s vagina.

“I showed my friend and she was blown away, she couldn’t believe it and said it looked the same as any other vagina.”

Alongside plastic surgery, Jessica has been using hormones for two-and-a-half years, which she believes was more impactful than going under the knife. 

She said: “Your mind, brain, feelings, skin, hair and voice, it’s amazing how hormones change you. 

I was concerned men would just want to use me for sex

“Most of the changes to become a woman are done by the hormones not surgery”.

Jessica, who hopes to adopt in the future, says she finally feels comfortable as a woman now that she’s had gender reassignment surgery. 

She said: “Before it was always in the back of my mind that I was not quite there yet because I still had male genitalia. 

“The type of men that like me are straight men who like women because that’s what I am now.


“When I had male genitalia I felt like I was a fetish doll and no one would have a relationship with me.

“I was concerned men would just want to use me for sex and I didn’t want that.”

She added: “I am still a virgin and haven’t had any sexual experience with anyone but it’s not urgent for me at the moment. 

“There is plenty of time and I want to wait for the right person to come along. 

“I want losing my virginity to be special, I won’t just give it away to anyone for the sake of doing it.”

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