I'm an ex-prison guard… Thomas Cashman will be caged in UK’s most dangerous prison that keeps ‘Hannibal’ killer in box | The Sun

CHILD killer Thomas Cashman is likely to be moved to a high security prison with HMP Wakefield his most likely destination, a insider has claimed.

Cashman murdered nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel in a botched gangland hit that brought terror to a family home on a summer's evening.

The killer, linked to other serious crime on Merseyside, was handed a 42 year prison sentence on Monday after he was found guilty of murder and attempted murder following a trial.

Now a former prison officer has told The Sun that Cashman, now the UK's highest profile prisoner, is likely to be moved out of HMP Manchester as soon as is possible.

The former screw has suggested HMP Wakefield in Yorkshire, dubbed "Monster Mansion", is the now the most likely destination for Cashman.

Wakefield's most famous inmate is serial killer Robert Maudsley who spends his days locked inside an underground perspex box.

Maudsley murdered four men including three inmates, which earned him the nickname "Hannibal the Cannibal."

Wakefield is also home to Sara Payne’s killer Roy Whiting, Millie Dowler’s murderer Levi Bellfield and Jeremy Bamber, who butchered five members of his family at White House Farm, in Essex, in 1985.

The former senior officer has said Cashman's move will be a massive operation involving heavily armed police and even air support.

The Sun has heard reports that Cashman could be moved to HMP Belmarsh this week but the former officer said the 200 mile trip to Londoncould be 'too risky.'

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He said: "They will want to get him out of Strangeways as soon as possible. In my experience Wakefield makes sense.

"The journey is fairly straight forward and there also issues at Belmarsh which might not be ideal for Cashman.

"A convoy down there would be long haul and might involved a stop halfway at a suitable prison. You might question if it was worth it."

He described the convoy that will move the high profile prisoner.
He said: "So Cashman will be inside a ballistics van. Inside the van he will be within a metal type box – around the size of an old fashioned phone box.

"The crew are specially trained to get through traffic at all costs. They don't stop at red lights and will go on the other side of the road if they have to.

"On the motorway they will have several armed response vehicle around the van, which will be on the outside lane.

"I would say one in front, one behind, and two in the middle lane. The armed response officers will be armed with Heckler and Koch and wear full body armour.

"Cashman might be forced to wear body armour too. Air support is a possibility. "

Last week The Sun revealed how Cashman is linked to a highly secretive drug gang that was established over 20 years ago.

In the past criminals linked to the gang have been sprung from security vans on their way to court.

Kirk Bradley and Tony Downes were freed when armed criminals surrounded the van as it made its way from Strangeways to Liverpool Crown Court.

Gangsters from Salford are said to have been paid drug money to free the two men from the security van.

The former officer suggested an attempt to free Cashman would be fool hardy in the extreme.

He said: "The armed officers will meet fire with fire. They don't mess about, to put it politely.

"Any criminal taking on this kind of job is clearly risking it all. How much would you want to paid for this kind of job?"

The former officer said that the operation would be shrouded in secrecy.

He said: "They will probably set out at dawn with very little notice given. I remember when they tried to move Dale Cregan in similar circumstances it had be called off at the last minute due to a leak. Someone posted on social and it all had to be scrapped.

"Cashman is now the UK's highest profile prisoner and careers are on the line when you move him. This will go all the way to a minister level. It can't go wrong."

The northerner said that he had seen the reports in the media claiming there that criminals had put a price on Cashman's head.

The Sun reported that a contract worth £250,000 was now circulating in the prison system.

He said: "We had all this when Cregan landed in Strangeways. There was credible intelligence that criminals were offering cash to anyone who would take his eye out.

"So we put him segregation and took necessary steps.

"There will be people in the prison system who wish Cashman harm. I imagine the danger will come after around six months when he starts to relax, not immediately."

Cashman refused to attend court on the day of his sentencing which has led to calls for a change in the law.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab, who labelled Cashman as spineless, said: "Spineless criminals like Cashman who hide from their sentencing prolong the suffering of victims and their families.

"As I have already made clear, I plan to change the law to compel offenders to face up to their actions, so victims can see the justice they deserve being served."

MPs called on the Deputy PM to fast track a change in the law.

Ex-Home Secretary Priti Patel slammed the matter as a "stain on British justice".

She told The Sun: "This is a real moment of reflection. In light of the atrocious nature of Olivia’s murder the time has come for the law to change.

"I hope Mr Rabb really picks up the cause now to give victims priority in the justice system."

Ms Patel added: "I hope that the Justice Secretary will heed the many many calls to change the law in this particular area."

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