Inventor goes potty for wacky vehicles – including 55mph toilet and 72ft scooter

INVENTOR Colin Furze shows why he loves to build anything but bog standard vehicles.

The former plumber, 41, has broken six world records and amassed more than a billion views on his YouTube channel.

He made the world’s fastest fully-working toilet, which has four gears and even flushes at a whopping 55mph.

The petrol-powered lavatory uses a powerful 140cc motorbike engine and flushes using a button on the handle bars.

Last month the dad made a budget Bond car armed with flame throwers for just £7,000.

He bought the 2000 BMW Z3 second hand for £4,000, then added his own unique modifications to turn it into a car fit for 007.

Colin made the world’s longest scooter, which boasts a huge 72ft aluminium frame.

He even made a massive Star Wars AT-ACT for his son in their back garden in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

The first lockdown inspired him to make a two-metre-tall social-distancing bike so he could cycle safely to the shops.

His other world records include the fastest mobility scooter, the biggest bonfire, the fastest pram and the fastest dodgem.

Colin, of Stamford, Lincs, said: “I couldn’t go back to a normal job now, no way.”

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