Jacob Blake's neighbour so traumatised he can’t sleep after filming black dad being shot seven times by white cop

THE neighbor of Jacob Blake has said he is so traumatised after filming the man being shot he can't sleep.

Raysean White captured the moment white cops emptied an estimated seven shots into the 29-year-old Blake's back as his petrified children watched on from the car.

Mr White, who chose not to appear on television or be photographed, described the situation as "highly disturbing".

Speaking to CNN, he said: "It's disturbing to actually look out the window where I live and see this man get shot by the police seven times.

"It's highly disturbing to me, but I'm pretty sure Jacob's kids were more traumatized than anybody during the whole situation."

He added he had struggled to sleep since capturing the footage Sunday evening.

Mr White captured the cell phone footage of the incident which quickly went viral, sparking another wave of Black Lives Matter protests.

Riots were seen in the mens' home city of Kenosha, Wisconsin last night and Sunday with cars and buildings torched to the ground and furious face-offs between protesters and police.

In the distressing footage, Jacob Blake can be seen walking towards a car followed by two officers, who say they were responding to a "domestic incident".

As Mr Blake turns inwards to the car door, an officer grabs the back of his shirt and seven shots can be heard ringing out.

During the shooting, a black woman can be seen screaming in the street and jumping up and down.

Mr White has said the dad had intended to break up an argument between two women when he was shot.

He added: "We don't want [police] around because we are scared for our lives.

"You come to an incident to disarm an argument, and this Black man gets shot. It wasn't supposed to go down that."

Mr White explained how the incident unfolded, with Mr Blake allegedly telling his son to get inside his vehicle as he investigated the women's disagreement.

But when the neighbour looked out of the window again he saw cops had arrived and were "wrestling" with Mr Blake.

He said one officer had Blake in a headlock and was punching his ribs before a female officer tased him, at which point Mr White began recording.

Immediately after the shooting the neighbour said he saw the cop trying to help Mr Blake, who was rushed to hospital and is currently fighting for his life.

The Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation will investigate the shooting and take the findings to District Attorney Michael D. Graveley while the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.

Mr Blake is being represented by lawyer Benjamin Crump, who is also spearheading the George Floyd case.

DA Graveley has said the investigation is still in "its earliest stages."

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