LA couple in Lamborghinis are robbed of $19,000 worth of watches

Moment ‘drunk’ British Lamborghini owner screams ‘black b***ards’ as LA cops and girlfriend try to calm him down after couple were robbed of two watches, including $19,000 Rolex, by gang who fled in Rolls Royce

  • Video obtained by shows a British-sounding man raving about ‘black b****rds’ as he is being arrested by LA County Sheriff’s deputies
  • His girlfriend repeatedly tried to calm down the shirtless man
  • His arrest came as authorities say he was failing to cooperate with authorities investigating the theft of his and his girlfriend’s watches worth $19,000 
  • Officials say the couple returned to their vehicle on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood following an argument early Monday morning
  • They were then reportedly approached by up to six suspects driving a black Rolls Royce who physically assaulted them
  • The suspects made off with a Michael Kors watch worth $1,000  and a Rolls Royce timepiece worth $18,000
  • It is just the latest in a growing number of jewelry and handbag thefts among the city’s wealthiest residents
  • Police announced last month that many are part of gangs, and are being re-released under woke District Attorney George Gascon’s policies
  • Many then go on to reoffend as they await trial, police have said 

A British Lamborghini owner was filmed screaming ‘black b*****ds’ after he and his girlfriend were robbed of two watches including a $19,000 Rolex by a gang who fled in a Rolls Royce. 

The unidentified man, who is believed to be drunk, repeatedly screamed the insult as cops and his girlfriend tried to calm him down following the robbery in West Hollywood Monday morning.

His Rolex and her Michael Kors watch were both snatched by the six man gang, who subsequently fled the scene in a car that was even fancier than their $300,000 Lamborghini Auris. 

Video obtained by shows a shirtless man with brown hair and a trimmed beard being pulled into the back of a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle as his girlfriend, in a beige dress and sandals, spoke to police.

Throughout the video, the man could be heard screaming – apparently using the ‘n word’ at one point and referring to thieves who got away with his and his girlfriend’s expensive watches as ‘black b*****ds.’

He was shirtless with a tattoo on his side reading ‘UK Made, Cali Paid.’ 

The girl, though, yells at him to ‘Please calm down, babe, I beg you please calm down,’ and ‘Just breathe, babe breathe.’

The video ends with the girl returning to her Lamborghini, as she could be seen crying.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department officials say the scene came after the couple was forcibly robbed of a $1,000 Michael Kors watch and a $19,000 Rolex.

Video obtained by shows a British-sounding man being detained by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials in the early Monday morning hours

The man was shirtless as he was being arrested, and continued to yell about ‘black b*****ds’

His girlfriend, in a beige dress, was seen talking with sheriff’s officials as the man continued to scream. She kept encouraging the man to ‘breathe’ and ‘calm down’

Sheriff’s officials say the couple returned to their vehicle early Monday morning following an argument in a parking lot on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, KTLA reports, when they were approached by up to six suspects driving a black Rolls Royce at around 1am.

The suspects then physically assaulted them, the female victim told the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, before robbing them of their watches.

One of the suspects suffered minor injuries in the attack, according to Sgt. Joana Warren.

Los Angeles officials are now trying to track down the suspects, who are described as black men wearing dark clothing who fled southbound toward Larrabee Street in a black Rolls Royce.

They are also working to obtain any surveillance footage from the area.

In the meantime, anyone with information is encouraged to call the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department West Hollywood Station at (310) 855 – 8850 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 222 – 8477.

The incident reportedly came after brazen thieves stole the couple’s watches – worth about $20,000 in the early Monday morning hours

LA Sheriff’s officials say the two had been arguing in a parking lot before entering their black Lamborghini, where they were accosted by six suspects

The female victim reportedly told sheriff’s officials that the thieves physically assaulted them before making off with their watches  while stood next to the couple’s car 

Following her boyfriend’s arrest, the female victim could be seen returning to her Lamborghini and crying

But Monday’s incident is only the latest in a growing number of jewelry and handbag thefts among the city’s wealthiest residents, as police officials claim some that they arrest are being released from jail, just to commit similar crimes.

It is now encouraging people to leave their flashy jewelry at home to avoid making themselves ‘targets’ to criminals as the city’s violent crime wave surges, and woke District Attorney George Gascon has released a public service announcement telling residents to lock their cars.

Monday’s theft is just the latest in a string of brazen thieves stealing jewelry and other expensive items.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, property crimes in the city have risen 12.3 percent from last year, while violent crimes increased 7.5 percent.

Robberies in the City of Angels rose 18.8 percent from January 1 through April 30 compared to the same time period last year, and burglaries rose 9.5 percent.

Thefts from vehicles, meanwhile, rose 9.4 percent over the last year and motor vehicle thefts rose 13.7 percent, with unspecified other thefts rising 16 percent.

At the same time, though, robbery arrests are down 5.6 percent from last year, burglary arrests are down 15.4 percent and motor vehicle arrests are down 9.3 percent

Larceny arrests, however, are up 8.9 percent.

Violent crimes in the City of Angels has surged 7.5 percent, with burglaries up a whopping 18.8 percent from last year, according to LAPD statistics

In March, cameras caught the moment a jewelry store in Beverly Hills lost millions in merchandise in a smash-and-grab robbery in broad daylight.

The incident took place at the Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills at the corner of South Beverly Drive and Charleville Boulevard at about 2 p.m.

Authorities said that the five arrived in what they discovered was a stolen car but left it, fleeing in a different, unknown vehicle.  

A group of five is seen on video with what police say appeared to be sledgehammers, obliterating the front window of the store. They then took off with several items.

Some of the crooks were spotted wearing hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants, while several wore surgical masks. 

The store was left with glass covering the sidewalk below and a gaping hole in their front window. 

Peter Sedghi, the store’s owner, told ABC7LA that the merchandise taken was valued between $3-5million, with one necklace alone worth nearly $500,000. 

Sedghi added that he thought he’d heard gunshots and came outside with his gun. 

And just last month, five so-called follow-home robberies occurred in just over 48 hours, with video from one of the incidents showing a woman being mowed down by a Dodge muscle car so muggers could steal her watch.

The victim tried to flee the muggers silver Dodge Challenger after they smashed her car window when she was stopped at a light in Downtown Los Angeles, but the robbers struck her with their car.

They then got out and snatched the woman’s watch off the road after she ripped it from her wrist in a bid to get them to leave her alone. 

Her plan seemed to work as the suspects could be seen grabbing the timepiece before fleeing the scene. 

MARCH: Video showed the moment thieves broke into a jewelry store in Beverly Hills

APRI: A robbery target was struck by a silver Dodge, shown here, while a group of ‘Follow-Home’ bandits tried to take her watch. She was thrown to the pavement and tossed her watch on the road way where robbers retrieved it and sped off


The LAPD created the ‘Follow-home’ robbery task force to combat roving gangs the use spotters to scope out wealthy Angelenos in up-scale shopping districts and neighborhoods and violently take their jewelry and expensive cars. They’re also dealing with follow-up robberies – where victims are targeted after leaving local businesses

  • 17 ‘Follow-home’ gangs from South Los Angeles have been working independently
  • 2 people have been killed so far, and a total of 23 have been shot 
  • The task force has made 24 arrests tied to 47 robberies
  • In 2021, cops identified 165 ‘follow-home’ robberies
  • So far in 2022 there have been  56 muggings
  • Cops have served 278 search warrants  

Many of these these crimes are being committed by at least 17 gangs in the southern part of the city that are working independently, Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Jonathan Tippet announced last month.

These thieves use spotters to scope out people who are wearing these high-end watches or are driving expensive cars, before as many as five carloads of people follow them home and swarm them to steal their belongings.

In many cases, Tippet said, they then sell those belongings on the black market. 

‘There’s no chance or opportunity for these victims even to comply,’ Tippet announced last month, according to the Los Angeles Times.

‘They’re just running up to people and attacking them, whether that’s putting a gun in their face or punching them and beating on them,’ he said. ‘Pistol whipping them as well.’

Tippet heads the Los Angeles Police Department’s ‘Follow-home robbery formed last year to identify the cause of a sudden surge in ‘follow home’ or ‘follow-off’ robberies that began in September.

Last year, he announced there were 50 robberies 8 in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division, 46 in Wilshire and 40 in the LAPD’s Central Division – which includes downtown Los Angeles.

The Pacific Division, meanwhile, had 17 follow-home cases, West LA had 15, North Hollywood saw 14 of these cases and Topanga saw 11.

In just one four-week period from September to October, there were 45 of these follow home robberies, and in November, there were another 39.

But since then, he said, the task force had made 24 arrests involving 47 robberies, as well as 16 arrests for gun possession and six for attempted murder.

‘In my 34 years in the LAPD, I have never seen this type of criminal behavior in such large groups coordinating to conduct attacks on unsuspecting citizens to take their property and/or vehicles,’ said follow-home task force head Jonathan Tippet of the attacks, which started in September

According to Tippet, the department has also arrested four suspects on murder charges in the two homicides it has investigated in relation to the organized attacks.

In that span, the force has also served 278 search warrants, Tippet said, with nearly 200 of them designed to target suspects’ social media accounts – which police say gangbangers likely used to plan the heists – and 35 for homes and 20 for vehicles.

Tippet said that in addition to the arrests, the task force’s efforts have so far been largely successful, causing the number of incidents to fall to just 10 last month – a 78 percent decrease from the 45 seen at the outset of the crime wave.

‘Due to the crisis, we began making arrests as quickly as possible once individuals were identified,’ he said, revealing how the task force amended the department’s usual policy of waiting to identify all involved in a robbery before making arrests

He noted that the tweak was effective in quelling the number of the incidents.

‘This has been a major undertaking, however, I am confident that we are slowing this trend down,’ Tippet said at the briefing. 

Matthew Adams, 18, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department on March 31 at a traffic stop. He is being charged with seven counts of robbery and two gun enhancements, according to police, and could face up to more than 20 years in jail if found guilty. He was released from jail four times this year due to the city’s lax bail laws

Eric Wilson (left) and Jayson Sparks (right) were accomplices of Adams although it remains unknown how many robberies they were involved in between January and March of this year. Both were arrested on March 24 and charged on possession of a firearm

Adams is seen as the main suspect of  several other robberies taking place all across L.A. with most of them taking place in Hollywood, between January and March of this year. Two robberies were also reported in Burbank and in the neighborhood of West L.A.

Still, Tippet said he was ‘frustrated’ by the growing number of suspects being released from custody and committing more crimes as they await trial. 

Matthew Adams, 18, was arrested for a seventh time in 2022 on March 31, accused of attacking two UCLA students outside one of the university’s dorms, and taking their expensive watches as well as an iPhone, adding up to more than $145,000 in goods, a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) statement confirmed.

Adams also is being linked to at least four other follow-home-style robberies in Hollywood, Burbank and West L.A.

The three are accused of identifying victims wearing expensive items and following them from a public location to a more private one, where they’d mug the targets. Ideal spots included upscale restaurants, and clubs in the Hollywood area. Victims would be tracked back to their apartments or hotels, police said.

The two other men, Eric Wilson and Jayon Sparks, also were arrested in connection with the robberies, police said.

LAPD said there might be other unidentified suspects still at large, according to Fox 11.

In one of the robberies, Adams and an unidentified accomplice followed two tourists from a nightclub to their hotel. Once they made it back and headed to their rooms, Adams and the other suspect robbed them of high-priced watches and other belongings.

LAPD officers arrested and booked Wilson and Sparks on March 24 after Metropolitan Division Officers obtained a warrant to search their apartment. Inside, they found firearms, drugs, ammo and luxury stolen items, including watches, jewelry and cash, according to the LAPD.

Subsequently, Wilson also was charged with one count of possession of a firearm, and Sparks was charged with two counts of robbery and one count of possession of a firearm, the LAPD confirmed.

Adams was arrested on March 31 – a week after Wilson and Sparks’ arrest – during a traffic stop.

He was booked into jail and charged April 4 with one felony count of first-degree residential robbery and six counts of second-degree robbery. LAPD also charged him with two gun enhancements, for all the robberies that he has been involved in between January 7 and March 30, police said.

If found guilty of all nine charges, the 18-year-old suspect faces more than 20 years in prison, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Adams’ latest arrest comes after he was previously detained on January 9, January 27 and February 21. He was booked into jail each time, but always released shortly afterwards.

Prior to his first arrest, Adams was accused in a high-end jewelry store robbery on January 7. He was placed on bond before his release. A group of at least five other men also were involved in the robbery. It’s unclear if Wilson and Sparks were part of it. 

Adams was then arrested and charged with carrying a hidden firearm on January 27. He was released shortly afterwards.

A little less than a month later, Adams was arrested once more for the same offense – carrying a concealed weapon – before being released.

Adams has since been arrested a fourth time, police records show, on charges stemming from seven robberies, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

The city’s public defender’s office, which represented the suspect during his arraignment, declined to comment on the case. He still remains in custody, court records show.

Cheyenne Hale, 25, was arrested on suspicion of participating in the armed robbery of a man in downtown L.A. in October in which thieves made off with two watches valued together at roughly $600,000. Court records show he has since been released on bail

On Tuesday, LAPD Chief Michel Moore, who announced the formation of the ‘follow-home’ task force in November, said he was ‘disappointed’ that ‘the full weight of our existing laws’ was not used against Adams – not only to hold him accountable for his crimes but to deter others who may see the crime wave as an opportunity to engage in their own crimes.

Moore described the city’s repeated releases of Adams as a risk to public safety, and asserted that suspects who are repeatedly arrested for gun violence should not be let out pending trial.

The head cop also labeled prosecutors partially responsible for his crimes by not seeking certain charging enhancements against Adams that might have kept him locked up.

Another suspect arrested in April by the force is Cheyenne Hale, 25, who was arrested on suspicion of participating in the armed robbery of a man in downtown L.A. in October in which thieves made off with two watches valued together at roughly $600,000.

Police said they recovered a loaded gun from Hale during his arrest and that cops in Tippet’s unit later found seven additional guns, $21,000 in cash, and ‘a large quantity of drugs’ including cocaine and methamphetamine when they searched his home.

Court records show that Hale has also since been released from custody.

‘This revolving-door criminal justice system that we have right now clearly is not working and is endangering the citizens of Los Angeles and is creating a public safety crisis,’ Police Commission President William Briggs said of the city’s treatment of the suspects.

‘We need to find a solution.’

Police sources blame woke District Attorney George Gascon (pictured at a news conference in December) for the increase in repeat offenders as his policies allow thieves to be released back into society without facing severe or lengthy punishments for their crimes

New criminal policies, which include lenient jail time rules, were set into motion by Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon for the past two years. The new rules allow repeated offenders to be released back into society without facing severe or lengthy punishment for their crimes.

The lax bail laws also caused a rift between LAPD Chief Michael Moore and Gascon. Moore has repeatedly shifted the blame of the city’s high crime rate to the district attorney.

‘Today, we see that the use of enhancements has been sharply curtailed,’ the Los Angeles chief said during a Police Commission meeting last month.

‘I believe that’s inconsistent with the underlying importance of those enhancements as to deterring others from being engaged in serious violent felonies with the use of a firearm.’ 

‘While I appreciate the filings that have been obtained, I’m disappointed that the full weight of the existing laws and the support of our district attorney and the court to hold this individual responsible and accountable and keep him from the community was missed,’ Moore added.

Gascon, who has been widely criticized as being soft on crime, later backtracked on some of his most controversial policies, including not pursuing sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole, and not prosecuting juveniles accused of serious offenses as adults.

His sudden change of heart comes as he faces a second recall effort organized by critics, who contend that his woke policies are to blame for Los Angeles’ rising crime rates.

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