Lady Colin Campbell compares Meghan Markle to Lady Macbeth

Meghan’s influence on Prince Harry is ‘very reminiscent of Lady Macbeth’ because she exploits his weaknesses says Royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell

  • Lady Colin Campbell was commenting after the release of Finding Freedom
  • She said Harry would not have left the Royal Family without Meghan’s influence
  • The socialite and author has known Prince Harry since he was a young boy 
  • Lady Colin said Meghan was able to exploit some of Prince Harry’s weaknesses  

Lady Colin Campbell has compared the Duchess of Sussex with Shakespearean villain Lady Macbeth due to the influence she has over her husband Prince Harry. 

Lady Colin, who knew Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, warned the Duke of Sussex about the way his wife has acted and how he is now more distant from his family. 

Meghan and Harry’s relationship has been chronicled in the controversial book  Finding Freedom, which outlined the couple’s fractious departure from the Royal Family. 

Lady Colin Campbell, pictured, has warned Prince Harry about his wife, accusing her of being like ‘Lady Macbeth’ 

Lady Colin claimed Meghan, pictured, right, has used Harry’s weaknesses, which she shares

Speaking to The Sun, Lady Colin said: ‘Meghan’s influence is very reminiscent of Lady Macbeth. 

‘To gain a toehold over Harry she appears to have played to his weaknesses, just as Katherine has played to William’s strengths.

‘Meghan shares a lot of Harry’s weaknesses. He is hyper-emotional, over-the-top, rushes where wise people don’t and is extremely self-important.’

The controversial book was written by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand. It highlighted several difficulties Meghan had trying to settle into the Royal Family. 

The book claimed the couple were unhappy with their supporting role in the family and felt constrained by the rules imposed by the palace. 

According to the authors, Clarence House had problems as soon as Prince Harry confirmed the relationship with Meghan, as Prince Charles and Camilla had just completed a diplomatic tour of the Gulf. 

The statement was issued by the then Prince Harry’s Communications Secretary on November 8 2016, as Charles arrived in Bahrain – which his team had hoped would be ‘covered significantly’.

The book said: ‘A statement from Kensington Palace condemning the Press and, in the same breath, confirming Harry’s new girlfriend would all but eliminate coverage of Prince Charles’s tour of the Gulf.

‘The Palace decided to go ahead with the statement nonetheless, much of which was drafted by Harry himself.

‘Charles learnt of it just 20 minutes before it went out. Sure enough, as soon as Harry put out his declaration, the statement dominated the news cycle.

‘The team at Clarence House, which had spent months putting together Prince Charles’s tour in the hopes that it would be covered significantly, was crushed.’

Extracts from the book, due to be published by HQ on August 11, have also covered claims the Duke of Sussex was angered by what he perceived as his brother’s ‘snobbish’ attitude to his bride, and suggestions the Sussexes felt their complaints were not taken seriously and believed other royal households were leaking stories about them to the press.

Harry confirmed he was dating US actress Meghan Markle in the November 2016 statement and lashed out at the ‘wave of abuse and harassment’ she has faced from the media.

In a lengthy and strongly-worded statement, Harry’s Communications Secretary Jason Knauf outlined the difficulties Miss Markle had experienced since news of their relationship broke.

Mr Knauf said ‘The past week has seen a line crossed. His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment.’

He added: ‘Prince Harry is worried about Ms Markle’s safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her.’

It was the first official confirmation from Kensington Palace that the pair were dating.

News of the royal romance emerged around a week before the statement was issued, with The Sunday Express reporting the pair met in May while Harry was in Canada promoting Invictus Games 2017, the paralympics-style competition for injured servicemen and women and veterans he founded.

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