Lawyers are looking to cash in on the coronavirus crisis

Medical businesses and trade associations across the state are asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature to pass new liability protections to fend off the ambulance chasers looking to cash in on the coronavirus crisis. It should be a no-brainer.

After all, health-care facilities and their suppliers are now going all out to save lives amid the pandemic — but the threat of lawsuits forces butt-covering actions that divert time and resources from their real work.

Of course true wrongdoers should still be held responsible, but (for example) pharmacies shouldn’t have to deal with lawsuits for not having enough hand sanitizer.

Nor should caregivers risk lawsuits over experimental medications that don’t work or all the other things that can go wrong without being anyone’s fault.

Sadly, New York’s tort lawyers are a ginormously wealthy and politically potent lobby, always ready with an argument as to why society supposedly benefits from their predations. They’re pushing a variety of bills that would actually increase liability and encourage frivolous suits.

For once, state lawmakers should ignore the legal lobby, and do the right thing.

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