LeBron James watches son Bronny open framed photo of his first 'Sports Illustrated' cover

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is already getting beat by his kid when it comes to sports achievements. James' son, Bronny, appears on the most recent cover of "Sports Illustrated" with his esports team FaZe Clan.

With the accomplishment, Bronny actually appeared on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" at a younger age than his dad.


LeBron: age 17
Bronny: age 16 pic.twitter.com/rDLnt8krpC

— Ballislife.com (@Ballislife) June 10, 2021

Bronny is seated in the lower left in that picture. You might also notice Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray sitting next to Bronny. 

If LeBron is disappointed about his son now holding that family record, he's not showing it. LeBron helped Bronny open up a framed picture of the cover. 

LeBron helped Bronny unwrap his first framed Sports Illustrated cover. 🔥

(🎥: @SInow) pic.twitter.com/OJscrlLwJs

— theScore (@theScore) June 10, 2021

Bronny smiles as the photo is revealed. He then debates where he's going to hang up the picture.

LeBron James first appeared on "Sports Illustrated" cover in 2002

James first appeared on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" for the Feb. 10, 2002 issue of the magazine. James was still in high school at the time, but would have been "a lottery pick" if he was able to declare for the NBA, the issue posits. James was also dubbed "The Chosen One" on the cover.

Since then, James has appeared on at least 37 other "Sports Illustrated" covers. The James family record seems pretty safe for now, though it would be foolish to discount Bronny's potential.

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