‘Little Red Rioting Hood’ catches a break: Mercy for the privileged

Little Red Rioting Hood is off the hook: Prosecutors dropped rioting charges against Clara Kraebber, the 20-year-old daughter of privilege busted during a Black Lives Matter rally-cum-rampage.

The Rice University undergrad was charged with felony riot and one misdemeanor, possession of a graffiti instrument, after the Sept. 4 fracas (advertised with the slogan “No good cops, no bad protesters”) in which 150-plus protesters marched through Lower Manhattan, lighting trash cans on fire, shattering store and bank windows and spraying graffiti as they went, causing six figures in damage. 

Smashing the workplaces of those you imagine you’re helping: That’s revolutionary solidarity for you.

But an assistant DA at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says they’ve “determined that we cannot prove the defendant is guilty of felony charges beyond a reasonable doubt.” Sounds like rioters’ strategy of shielding their fellows doing damage using umbrellas worked. (Plus, daddy no doubt would pay for a first-rate lawyer.)

So Kraebber (who has shorn her flaming locks and dyed them black) took a plea deal Thursday for the graffiti charge. The case will be dismissed and sealed if she stays out of trouble for six months.

The DA also declined to pursue felony riot charges against the seven mostly privileged partners-in-crime arrested alongside her; they were arraigned only on misdemeanor graffiti tool and unlawful assembly charges.

Will this leave her free to pursue her “revolutionary strategy” down the line? Cops found her written plans to seize empty luxury apartments for “wealth re-distribution” and defend them using “bricks on roofs as weapons.”

We hope her sadly limited experience with the justice system has taught her the folly of romanticizing revolution, or she’ll surely face harsher lessons down the line.

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