Long Island residents are flushing socks and gloves down toilets

Long Island residents confined to their homes amid social-distancing rules have been clogging sewers by flushing socks, gloves and other “fibruous materials” down their toilets, a report said Thursday.

The Nassau County residents have backed up sewage-treatment plants with the materials, which bind together in pipes and arrive at the plants in large balls, Newsday reported.

The rag block-ups account for a significant amount of the clogs in the county this year, according to the report.

The pileups accounted for 48 percent of the sewage clogs between Jan. 1 and March 31, the newspaper reported.

In the past three years, rag block-ups caused between 11 and 17 percent of the pileups.

“It could be the cleaning materials now that everybody’s wanting to disinfect their houses,” Vincent Desiderio, the owner of a private company that operates Nassau’s sewer system told Newsday.

“When you start pulling socks out of a pump, that’s pretty surprising, because usually you shouldn’t see that in a sewer system,” he added. “It will stop a pump.”

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