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MADELEINE McCann's parents have been given fresh hope their daughter could still be alive after a boy kidnapped in China was found after 32 years.

Kate and Gerry, who faced the poignant 13th anniversary of Maddie's disappearance a fortnight ago, have been “buoyed up” by the happy news and wish the family who have been reunited with their son “all the best.”

McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Rare as this very happy event is, wherever a reunion like this happens, of course it gives Kate and Gerry hope that they, too, will one day be similarly reunited with Madeleine”

He added: “It also proves that they are right to never give up on their search for their daughter. I know Kate and Gerry will want to wish the family in China all the very best for the future.”

Mao Yin was snatched, aged two, from a hotel in the city of Xian in Shaanxi province in October 1988. His dad had stopped to get him some water on the way home from nursery.

Over the years his parents searched the country for him and distributed more than 100,000 flyers. The overjoyed couple were reunited with their son, now aged 34, at a police news conference on Monday.

Mao, renamed Gu Ningning had been sold to a childless couple for 6,000 yuan – £690 in today's money.

Mao’s mum Li Jingzhi quit her job to search for her “very clever, cute and healthy” son and she appeared on numerous Chinese television shows to appeal for help. She was told the amazing news he had finally been found on May 10 – Mother's Day in China – saying: “This is the best gift I have ever got.”

The investigation into her son’s disappearance is still ongoing. The authorities have not released information about the couple who raised him.

Three-year-old Maddie vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007, just nine days before her fourth birthday. She had been left sleeping alone with her younger twin siblings while her parents were dining with pals in a nearby tapas restaurant.

Heart doctor Gerry, 51, and former GP turned medical worker Kate, 52, from, Rothley, Leics, have never given up hope of finding their daughter alive. She would now be aged 17.

A close friend said: “It shows that dreams can come true and this man being found 32 years after being abducted is another example that will give Kate and Gerry hope. This is the news they are dreaming of receiving themselves one day. Madeleine is only 17 so anything is possible.


“They believe Madeleine could still be alive and are always buoyed up when they hear stories of kidnapped children being found. It really does give them renewed hope and some joy.”

In January 2017 a girl kidnapped in America was found after 18 years. Newborn baby Kamiyah Mobley was snatched from a Florida hospital by a woman pretending to be a nurse.

British police searching for Maddie are working on a final theory that she was kidnapped by a European trafficking gang and sold to a childless couple – her parents' and their first team of private investigators' initial hunch – and could still be alive and possibly be living in Europe or North Africa.

The Operation Grange inquiry, which has cost the taxpayer nearly £12 million, is set to receive and extra £300,000 funding from the Home Office to keep it going until the end of March next year.

Kate and Gerry wrote in a 13th anniversary post: "The investigation to find Madeleine remains open and continues, even though, in a way different to the ideal.

"We remain grateful for the ongoing efforts and commitment from all those involved in the search to find her and we hope and pray, as always, that our efforts will be fruitful.”

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