Majority of Americans say the upcoming holidays mean so much more after the events of 2020

Given the world events of 2020, two in three Americans said the upcoming holidays mean so much more than ever before.

That’s according to a new poll of 2,000 Americans who celebrate the holidays, which found over half (56 percent) had started their holiday preparations in September.

The survey aimed to examine how the holidays will look different this year and discovered 65 percent of respondents note social distancing has made them appreciate receiving physical mail more than usual.

Conducted by Minted, results revealed 72 percent said it’s become a priority to stay connected with friends and family via cards, care packages and letters this year, while 74 percent agreed that sending and receiving holiday cards hold more sentimental value this year than in previous years.

Connecting with loved ones becomes more important than ever before with three in 10 people traveling less, nearly two in five planning to stay home and 35 percent said there will be fewer holiday parties to attend.

From a desire to lift loved ones’ spirits (27 percent) to reconnecting with old friends (26 percent), Americans are turning to tried and true traditions, like sending seasonal mail, this holiday season.

Nearly 50 percent of Americans are choosing to send more cards this year to support the USPS.

The majority (53 percent) of people plan to address world events on their 2020 holiday card.

Three in five said when they receive a holiday card in the mail they feel loved and appreciated while over half (53 percent) said these little things allow them to feel more connected to their family and friends during social distancing.

“The holidays are different this year. But we can still feel connected to our loved ones even when celebrating apart,” said a spokesperson for Minted.

“More than ever we want to help create these connections and sending cards that surprise, delight or reflect the real is a great way to spread the holiday cheer that is needed in abundance this season.”

Recipients will be opening even more holiday cards this year.

Many feel it is important to spread cheer to friends and family this holiday season and 65 percent are choosing to add new recipients to their mailing list to get even more people in the holiday spirit.

They might see that holiday card senders share a more casual image as over half of them (53 percent) feel less pressure to get the perfect holiday photo.

Thirty-four percent of respondents are excited to see holiday cards featuring pets, while a further 32 percent are looking forward to seeing the fall foliage and winter scenery.

Americans want to send holiday cards to recipients outside of their immediate circles — 13 percent added first responders, 12 percent included essential workers and 20 percent included co-workers who they may not see as often while working from home this year.

“In this year of uncertainty, we have been inspired by the talent and resilience from our community of independent artists,” added a spokesperson for Minted.

“We are honored to help customers find a way to connect and to find joy no matter what their celebrations look like this year.”  

More online shopping                                       43%
Staying home                                                    39%
Fewer holiday parties                                        35%
Sending care packages to family and friends    33%
Virtual holiday “parties” with family and friends  30%

Buying stamps                                           43%
Sending more mail                                     39%
Tipping mail carriers                                    31%
Leaving baked goods for mail carriers        25%
Contacting congressional representatives  19%

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