Man busted trying to scalp residents-only Long Beach passes

With Nassau County beaches closed to non-residents, a Long Beach man got himself into hot water for trying to scalp passes to outsiders on Craigslist, according to cops.

Damian Davidson, 32, bought four season passes to the Nassau County beach for $140 each, then tried to peddle them on Craigslist for $250 a pop, police said on Facebook.

“With city beaches closed and island beaches being resident only I have family beach passes for Long Beach for sale 250$ (sic) price negotiable passes good all summer,” the ad allegedly said.

Davidson allegedly sold two of the passes to an undercover cop for $260 — then took off running when police tried to arrest him.

When cops caught up to him, he was taken into custody and charged with a second-degree scheme to defraud. He was released pending a future court appearance.

According to the Long Beach website, the city’s beaches opened this weekend for residents only, although non-resident passes purchased before May 20 will be honored.

Family beach passes sell for $70 each, and non-resident family passes for $140 each, according to the site.

Davidson could not be reached for comment Sunday.

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