Man drives over 600 miles for haircut amid coronavirus pandemic

It was shear madness.

A 28-year-old Washington state man said he drove more than 600 miles to get a haircut in California after seeing a friend’s Facebook post about getting a trim when most barbershops are shuttered amid the coronavirus pandemic, the LA Times reported.

“I immediately started making preparations,” said J Farr, whose locks were growing wild under lockdown in his Olympia apartment.

Farr, who has lost his job as a paint sprayer, would get his hair cut every few weeks before the outbreak.

He was getting so desperate lately that he even considered shaving his head, according to the paper.

But when he heard from his pal in Yuba City, north of Sacramento, Farr came up with his hair-raising plan to hit the road for the long trip to the Butte House Barber Shop in Sutter County.

Hair salons remain closed in Washington state and most of California, but officials in Yuba and Sutter counties allowed the businesses to reopen ahead of the state’s plan, the LA Times reported.

Finally, he arrived last week to a busy shop, where the barber wore a face mask but Farr didn’t.

“When I got in there it was exactly what I had hoped for,” Farr told the paper.

“I’ve been isolated for the last three months and that’s the first time I had that type of social interaction in that period. It’s a really good feeling to feel like there’s other people in the world who aren’t going to sit inside in fear when there’s nothing to be afraid of,” he added.

Shop owner Wes Heryford, 42, said he has been cutting the hair of customers near and far.

“There’s not very many options and people are excited that there is someone cutting hair, so they have no problem to drive three or four hours to come see us,” he told the paper.

After paying $20 plus a tip, Farr left sporting a fade cut with a quarter-inch taken off the top.

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