Man is stunned to get friendly greeting from a FOX

Welcome to the neighbourhood! Man is stunned to get friendly greeting from the local FOX when he moves into his new flat

  • Chris Tough had just moved into Croydon, south London, when a fox paid a visit  
  • The furry creature is seen moving towards Mr Tough looking for attention or food
  • Mr Tough shared clip to Facebook where some said the fox was just a ‘pest’

This is the adorable moment a man who had just moved into the neighbourhood is given a warm welcome by a local fox.

Chris Tough had just moved into a flat in Croydon, south London, when he encountered the wild animal approaching him on his front door step. 

In the video the animal appears to want his attention, brushing up against the camera as Mr Tough films in disbelief at the unusual interaction.

Mr Tough took to Facebook to share the heart-warming clip with the caption: ‘Inquisitive little chap’.  

Many fellow Londoners left humorous responses on the post, however some believed it was wrong to interact with the ‘pest’.

Jesus Chrissy wrote: ‘Just hungry probably, only pests because their homes are being built on.’

While Jon Van Der Walt made his feelings known, commenting: ‘Big orange rat.’ 

 Chris Tough had just moved to South Croydon, London, when he encountered the wild animal approaching him on his front door step (pictured)

After approaching Mr Tough the fox stopped and waited patiently, appearing to be after a snack

Others were quick to defend the fox, Dan Pate wrote: ‘I think the biggest pests running around are human.

‘These dudes try to snatch something to eat. Humans snatch anything they want including animal horns they don’t need, the local tradesman tools and somebody’s wife.’

Anita Elisabeth Capon wrote: ‘Hope you gave him a tasty treat?

Jane O’Callaghan joked: ‘Bloody hell, Amazon are taking on some highly dubious staff these days.’

The fox got up close and personal with Mr Tough’s camera and seemed to be familiar with humans

Stuart Harris added that the fox appeared to be in good health, commenting: ‘Nice and healthy looking. You should see the state of some in Hackney.’

Whilst foxes are very common in urban areas it is unusual for them to be affectionate towards humans as they are usually too afraid and have even been to known to become aggressive.

However this furry creature seems more intent on getting to know the newcomer to the neighbourhood, perhaps suggesting that the previous owner of the flat had been feeding the fox.    

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