Man plunges 15ft into rat-infested NY sinkhole and couldn’t scream because he feared rats would crawl in his MOUTH

A MAN plummeted through a sinkhole sending him 15-feet below ground to a hell hole of swarming of rats – making it difficult to scream for help out of fear that the rodents would get in this mouth.

Leonard Shoulders, 33, was waiting for the bus on Third Ave. near E. 183rd St. in the Bronx, NY, on Saturday when the concert sidewalk suddenly collapsed from under him.

“He was just standing and the sidewalk just – it was like a suction. Like a sinkhole. He just went down,” the victim’s mother, Cindy White told NBC New York.

“It could have been anyone. It could have been anyone it was a whole scary situation. It was my son and thank God he’s alive.”

In a surveillance video, Shoulders can be seen standing on a corner when the sidewalk suddenly opens beneath him.

He can be seen trying to hold on but is unable to – ultimately plummeting 12 to 15 feet below ground.

According to his mother, the 33-year-old went down feet first and said her son is still traumatized from the fall.

“He is traumatized. He said he went straight down. He said he was just falling, falling. But the debris was falling and hitting him in the head,” White said.

The video shows people looking down into the hole after Shoulders fell through, bystanders asked him to wave his hands and scream if he’s OK.

White said his son waved his hands, but refused to scream for help.

“He was like, ‘Ma, the rats down there were ridiculous.’ He was like, ‘they were like so big.’ He was scared to yell out because he thought they were gonna go in his mouth,” White said.

Shoulders’ brother, Greg White, spoke with the NY Daily News and said his brother, “scraped his face, broke his arm and his leg.

"He couldn’t move, and the rats were crawling all over him. He didn’t scream, because he didn’t want the rats going into his mouth," the 22-year-old said.

According to the NBC, police and firefighters arrived and got to work– spending nearly half an hour to carefully pull Shoulders out.

After the horrifying incident, the city Buildings Department issued a full vacate order on the building next to the sinkhole.

They found the basement space underneath the sidewalk had fallen into disrepair.

Three businesses remained closed until further notice and there is now a temporary fence on the sidewalk where the accident occurred.

Shoulders was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital right across the street from where he fell.

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