Meghan and Prince Harry's telly tirade was cruel and shifty — so much for their 'compassion'

Telly tirade was cruel and shifty

SO much for their “compassion”. Harry and Meghan’s account of their alleged ­suffering in the Royal Family was cruel as well as self-pitying and unreliable. But it did the job they wanted.

It won hearts among the more gullible of Americans while dragging the Royals through the dirt on a global stage. But this ancient institution has survived far, far greater blows than the jibes of a ­petulant prince and a one-time actress.

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First, though, let The Sun be clear about our sympathy towards any mental health issues and suicidal thoughts Meghan endured as a new Royal. If she was deprived of help that was wrong.

Why, though, would this not have made her warmer towards the similarly traumatised staff she is accused of bullying? If we are to blindly believe Meghan’s “truth”, as her celebrity friends recommend, why can we not give claims against her equal credence?

Let us also assume that a senior Royal’s remark about the skin colour of her and Harry’s child was as nakedly racist as the prince led Meghan to believe. No couple should suffer that.

But why did Harry trouble his apparently fragile and insecure wife with it?

Meghan says this happened when she was pregnant. Harry says they were only just dating. Which will they settle on?

Televised whinge

Did they keep this incendiary charge vague and anonymous to make it impossible to counter? In doing so they have smeared Harry’s entire family. Exonerating the Queen and Philip merely amplifies the injustice to the others.

As for the rest of their televised whinge, it was a mass of contradictions.

They said they adore the Queen, then blowtorched the institution she has shaped and defended her entire life.

Harry said he loved William to bits as Meghan tore into his wife.

Meghan suggested, with staggering irresponsibility, that Archie was denied the title Prince because of racism.

A minute’s Googling would have revealed the constitutional reality. But then she did no research into Royal life either.

The couple insist the newspapers (which they don’t read) are racist. Why, then, did the Press devote joyful ­editions to her wedding? Later criticisms had nothing to do with race.

The couple were furious to be cut off by Charles. But they had Harry’s huge inheritance from Diana and Meghan’s millions.

Plus, they cashed in on their fame as soon as they hit LA. What possible money worries have they ever had?

As for the privacy they are so keen to protect, they now spend their lives spilling secrets to friendly interviewers while serially invading the privacy of the Queen and others. The hypocrisy reeks.

None of it is lost on Brits. Most are pro-Royal and hugely admire the Queen. Attack her and you attack our country.

Meghan’s celeb-obsessed US fans must imagine she can “cancel” our monarchy.

They are, like her, living in La-La Land.

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