‘Middle-class Joe’ Biden ‘boosted by almost $30MILLION in donations from Wall Street types’ – The Sun

JOE Biden counts Wall Street financiers among his biggest campaign donors despite his self-appointed "Middle-Class Joe" moniker, a new analysis has found.

Stockbrokers, bond dealers, and big-time financial security companies have donated $29.7 million to the former vice president's 2020 campaign or to political committees that support his bid for the White House, according to numbers compiled by Breitbart News on Wednesday.

Research from the Center for Responsive Politics has found that the security industry sector is the second-largest source of contributions to Biden's campaign, the New York Post reported.

Following close behind are the Democratic Party and left-wing groups.

By contrast, President Donald Trump has received about $6.3 million from the security industry.

The former Delaware Senator has also gotten more campaign money from employees at JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs compared to Trump, at a total of nearly $508,260, according to the analysis.

Trump has received just $96,682 from the four Wall Street firms combined.

Records show that Morgan Stanley donated nearly $28,000, JP Morgan gave about $24,000, and Bank of America and Goldman Sachs gave nearly $40,500 and just over $4,200 respectively.

The report also shows that 58 percent of Goldman Sachs' political donations have gone to Democratic candidates running for congress, as have 62 percent of Morgan Stanley's donations during this year's campaign cycle.

BOA's contributions were evenly split between candidates from both parties.

JP Morgan preferred Dems over GOPers – 60 percent to 30 percent – while another 10 percent went to independents.

Sen Bernie Sanders has called on the presumptive Democratic nominee to incorporate his progressive ideas into Biden's presidential campaign since he dropped out of the race in early April.

But reports claim Wall Street still expects concessions from Biden and is hoping to snag multiple cabinet positions in a potential Biden administration.

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