Moment dad and son are arrested for killing black jogger in their neighborhood

Dramatic photos captured the moment a former police officer and his son were arrested on suspicion of murdering a black jogger they spotted running through their neighborhood. The snaps, shot by MailOnline, show Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, being apprehended at their home in Brunswick, Georgia, on Thursday.

Around a dozen members of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation wearing bulletproof vests and equipped with assault rifles arrived at the McMichaels’ home to arrest the pair.

Both men were then photographed being frog-marched into a waiting GBI car with their hands cuffed behind their backs, with neither answering a reporter’s questions as they were taken away.

The arrests came two-and-a-half months after they chased and shot 25 year-old Ahmaud Arbery dead. GBI agents took over the case after horrific cellphone video footage was leaked earlier this week showing Arbery’s violent death on February 23.

That clip shows the father and son ‘ambushing’ Arbery as he tried to run past their truck, with Travis McMichael getting into a physical fight with the jogger, before shooting him with a shotgun.

The McMichaels initially escaped police investigation after claiming they’d pursued and shot Arbery because they’d believed him to be a burglar. They are said to have lied that they tried to make a citizen’s arrest after their neighborhood fell victim to a spate of burglaries.

S Lee Merritt, the attorney representing Arbery’s family, told MailOnline the McMichaels’ arrests were ‘a huge, huge step,’ then added: ‘But it’s only a first step on a very long road to justice.’

Merritt said Arbery’s loved ones, including his mother Wanda, did not know her son’s alleged murderers were going to be arrested.

He continued: ‘Wanda was extremely relieved but she remains very stoic as she has been since this all started. The lawyer also blasted the original investigation team, who he said had ‘failed in their duty’ to seek justice for Arbery.

Merritt added: ‘A case like this breeds mistrust within the community. It hurts the people involved, it hurts the law enforcement community, the prosecutorial community, the black community, everyone.’

A GBI spokesman confirmed the McMichaels had been arrested on suspicion of murder and aggravated assault. They said they were also investigating threats made to its officers during their investigation into Arbery’s death. Both men are being held at a local jail ahead of their first court appearance.

The video of Arbery’s death which triggered Thursday’s arrests sparked a nationwide outcry, and shows him jogging along the left side of a road. The McMichaels’ truck can be seen parked ahead of him, with Gregory in its bed, and Travis stood next to the vehicle’s open driver’s door.

Arbery crosses the road to pass the truck on its passenger side, before passing the front of the vehicle. A gunshot can be heard sounding, with Arbery and Travis then seen grappling with what looks like a shotgun. A second shot is fired, with Arbery seen punching Travis. A third shot is then fired at point-blank range, with Arbery seen staggering a few feet forward before collapsing.

Local defense attorney Alan Tucker named himself as the person behind the leak Thursday, and said he had done so because the local community ‘was being ripped apart by erroneous accusations and assumptions.’

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