Moment woman, 19, is killed by cop in shootout near Juneteenth parade after opening fire on officer

THE moment a 19-year-old was killed by a cop in a shootout after opening fire on the officer was caught on camera.

Briana Sykes was identified by police as the victim that was shot around 2.15pm on Saturday just blocks away from a Juneteenth parade.

Parade goer India Anderson, who was with her friend Shericka Lewis, heard the shooting and quickly captured it on her camera.

The footage has amassed over 800,000 views and 33,000 shares, since it was uploaded on Facebook Live.

Speaking of the incident, Anderson told NBC25: "I've never seen anybody shoot a gun or get in front of me, so I just took the initiative to pull out my phone and record what was going on."

Lewis added: "It was a scary situation like being right next to someone and then knowing that bullet could have been three inches up more it could have hit me in my neck.

"It could have hit me in my head, it could have did anything.. I'm just happy that it just grazed my car it didn't shoot me and that it didn't hurt nobody in my car."

Lewis alleged that Sykes started shooting out of her vehicle when a Flint police officer returned fire and ultimately killed her.

Michigan State Police confirmed they had taken the lead of the investigation that they described over social media as a Flint Police Officer-involved shooting.

"Preliminary investigation indicates the officer, who was working a traffic point for the Juneteenth Celebration Parade, was fired upon by the lone occupant of a vehicle who drove up to him at the traffic point.

"Upon taking fire, the officer returned fire, striking the suspect," according to a tweet."

The officer wasn't hurt and state cops say no innocent bystanders were struck beyond the alleged assailant.

"This incident remains under investigation," the tweet reads.

A crime scene perimeter had been set up on Saginaw Street replete with orange cones and yellow tape.

There were also spent shell casings seen scattered on the saturated ground, MLive reported.

The shooting disrupted the city's commemoration of Juneteenth.

The Noon start of the Champions Parade started from Flint City Hall and weaved around the streets to pay tribute to its storied athletes and community leaders.

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