Mum whose son, 15, was stabbed to death warns of surge in violence as lockdown lifts after 18 stabbings in a WEEK

A MUM whose 15-year-old son was knifed to death has warned of a surge in post-lockdown violence after at least 18 stabbings in a week.

Last June, Lillian Serunkuma's two-year-old grandson was shot in the head during a drive-by gun attack in Harlesden, north west London.

The bullet missed a crucial artery in the boy's head by just 1mm which, had it struck, would have been fatal.

The baby boy's mum was blasted several times as she tried to shield her son, with one bullet narrowly missing her heart.

In 2017, Ms Serunkuma's son, Quamari, was stabbed to death outside his school, with the current spike of violence leaving her fearful.

Ms Serunkuma, 46, told The Sunday Times: “I know there’s going to be some kind of [adverse] reaction.


"Look at the last time when the lockdown finished. The next day my grandson and daughter were shot.

“For me, as a mum, it’s daunting to watch the news, because every time I put it on there’s always something sad.

"It’s always, ‘Someone’s lost a child.’ Someone else is going to have to feel what we felt.”

A horrific surge in violence over the past week has seen 14-year-old Dea-John Reid knifed to death in Birmingham on May 31.

George Khan, 38, Michael Shields, 35, two 14-year-old boys and a 16-year-old boy have been charged with the schoolboy’s murder.

Eight teenagers aged between 16 and 18 arrested on suspicion of murder have been released under investigation.

On the same day, an 18-year-old man was stabbed during a fight in a park in Edgware, north London.

Two days before, flower stall holder Tony Eastlake, 55, was knifed to death in Islington, north London.

Dad-of-two Danny Humble was beaten to death in Cramlington, Northumbria later that evening.

And horrified sunseekers saw a teenager beaten and stabbed by a gang armed with foot-long knives in Hyde Park last week.

The footage shows the thugs kicking and punching the victim after he had been attacked with the huge blade. 

Week of bloodshed

Saturday, May 29: Flower seller Tony Eastlake is stabbed to death

Saturday, May 29: Danny Humble is killed in an attack in Cramlington

Monday, May 31: Dea-John Reid, 14, is stabbed to death

Monday, May 31: An 18-year-old is stabbed to death in Edgware, north west London

Tuesday, June 1: A teenager is beaten and stabbed by a gang in Hyde Park

Wednesday, June 2: Police pelted with missiles in Brixton, south London after a man is shot

Ms Serunkuma's son Quamari was murdered by a masked killer outside his school gate.

His attacker – who was 15 at the time – was jailed for 14 years at the Old Bailey.

Quamari managed to tell a nurse the name of his attacker before he died four-and-a-half hours later.

Last June, the family was again struck by tragedy when Ms Serunkuma's daughter and grandson survived a callous drive-by shooting in Harlesden.

Ms Serunkuma told The Sunday Times she begged the gunman, who was on a motorbike, not to shoot he aimed at her grandson: "There are kids in the car. Please stop'.”

The attacker had first fired at a male neighbour, before turning to her daughter's car, which was also carrying two other children.

Ms Serunkuma said: "It wasn’t cross-fire. I was there. The person who did this aimed and knew there were kids [in the vehicle] and knew what he was doing.

"My daughter — let alone my grandchild — have never been involved in anything that would warrant anybody to do anything like this.

“How can anyone tell me that a child deserves something like that? It’s by a miracle that he’s walking and talking.”

The Met Police has offered a £20,000 reward for information to help find the attacker, but has so far met a "wall of silence".

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