Mysterious abandoned mansion left frozen in time with Bentley on drive belonged to Greek tycoon who vanished with family

A MYSTERIOUS abandoned mansion left frozen in time with a Bentley on the drive belonged to a Greek tycoon who vanished with his family, it emerged today.

Property millionaire Athanasios Tachmintzis, 70, lived in the huge house near King’s Langley, Herts, before disappearing more than three years ago.

Pictures emerged on Monday showing the faded glory of the abandoned mansion left to rot after the owners seemingly left in a hurry, maybe even in the middle of the night.

Neighbours have wondered what caused Mr Tachmintzis to flee the house, leaving furniture, ornaments, designers clothes and even a game of chess on the table.

A watch stuck in time was seen on a bedside table, while designer clothes bearing the labels Yves St Laurent, Gucci and Louis Vuitton were stacked up on rails in a bedroom.

Empty fish tanks were left lined up in a hallway – while a dishwasher stacked with plates had not been unloaded.


A Japanese-theme piano takes pride of place in one of the rooms with the music left out ready to play, while stacks of china were sitting on a living room table next to the sofas.

In his huge bathroom, there is a Jacuzzi-style tub with half-used shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Amazingly, a potted plant is still alive on a windowsill next to a telescope lined up ready for its owner to look at the night sky.

A utility room has a snooker table and outside, four or five cars – including a rusted Bentley – lie in overgrown grass.

According to MailOnline, villagers said the dad-of-five lived there for around 18 years before suddenly vanishing.

They said he lived there with his daughters and at least one of his sons.

Mr Tachmintzis’ wife Sharon, who was born in North Wales, died aged 52 in 2004.


The pair were married for 32 years and had three sons Alexis, 43, Nicholas, 41, and 36-year-old Paul. They had two daughters Kiristiana, 34, and Alicia, 28.

It is believed Mr Tachmintzis was so concerned about security he kept Dobermans as guard dogs and employed staff to stand on his gate.

One neighbour told MailOnline: “I ride my horse down the road every day and all of a sudden I realised around three years ago that the people there had just disappeared.

I ride my horse down the road every day and all of a sudden I realised around three years ago that the people there had just disappeared.

“I just thought at first that they had gone away somewhere and would then come back – but nobody did. It is most strange.

“At first the gates were just shut and then a padlock and chain appeared on them. You could just see the grass getting longer and longer and growing around the cars.

“Nobody around here has a clue what happened to them and why they just upped and left. It is a real mystery.


“They obviously had loads of money because it is a big house. There were always lots of comings and goings with different people going in and out.

“They used to have up to three Dobermans. His two daughters would walk them, and sometimes the cleaner would take them out, but they were too big for her to handle and she had to stop.

“One day around six-years-ago, this guy in his 40s came out and said that his dogs had gone missing and he asked if we had seen them, but we hadn't.

“The girls were dark haired and very pretty. I think they used to go to a local health club and gym.”

Another villager said he heard Mr Tachmintzis made a huge deal involving a luxury property on the exclusive Sandbanks resort in Dorset.

They said: “'I believe his wife had cancer and died several years ago.

“He also had a housekeeper, but she left suddenly. It is certainly very odd. Nobody knows what caused them to leave the house, seemingly never to return.”

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