Mystery as lesbian couple found dead inside bloodsoaked home hours after furious row over social media bikini pics

A LESBIAN couple were found dead in a hotel room bloodbath after an argument over a bikini picture one of them posted online.

Ratree Sriwiboon, 24, was at a resort for a family party when her lover Patsanan Chanprapat, 29, joined her in the wooden bungalow on Saturday night.

The pair are believed to have started arguing over a picture Ratree had posted online earlier that day in which she was wearing a skimpy green bikini next to the swimming pool in Pattaya, Thailand.

Ratree's horrified brother, Pairoj, visited the room the next morning and found his sister and her girlfriend dead.

Both were covered in stab wounds.

Officers arrived and found a pocket knife under the body of Patsanan.


They said there was no sign of an intruder on CCTV and they suspect that both girls died after an argument between them became violent.

Police Major Tanongsak Inphadung said: "Initially, there was no evidence that the two were murdered by another person so we suspect it started with an argument that escalated to violence.

''The family of the younger women believe that the fight started from an emotional problem.''

I knew that my sister's girlfriend is quite a jealous person and I think that was the cause of their fight that led to the tragedy

Officers said that Patsanan had stab wounds on her neck and torso while the younger girlfriend had wounds on her neck and left ribs.

Ratree's brother said nothing suspicious had happened at the family party earlier in the evening but he said that Ratree and Patsanan had a volatile relationship because of possessiveness and jealousy.

Pairoj said: "Everything was quite normal during the party, so that's why we are all in shock now."

He added his sister's lesbian girlfriend was jealous, which he believes cause the fight.

He said: "I did not know much about their relationship, so on the surface it seemed fine.

"However, I knew that my sister's girlfriend is quite a jealous person and I think that was the cause of their fight that led to the tragedy."

According to Ratree's social media accounts, she posted an image of her in a green bikini at the resort shortly before the family.

One of the comments appeared to be from a third lesbian girlfriend involved with the couple complaining about her revealing appearance, which then caused an argument online. It is believed to have continued in the hotel room.

Police are now waiting for post-mortem examination results which could reveal the nature of the deaths, such as whether they were killed at the same or if there was a murder followed by a suicide.

Police Major Tanongsak Inphadung added: ''There are no suspects in the two deaths but we are interviewing witnesses and friends find the cause of the argument.

''Hospital tests on the bodies will examine the exact injuries to find how they both died.''

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