Networking 101: Why Working Together Creates More Opportunity Than Working Apart

There’s a reason why networking is touted as one of the best tools a businesswoman can have in her career arsenal. The connections formed through networking give entrepreneurs the best chance at growing and scaling their companies. We all know, It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and networking is the best way to cultivate those industry bonds that could change the course of your life. Of course, it’s harder to get to know people in this age of social distancing, but fortunately, the Internet is a handy tool you can use to bridge those gaps. Here are three perks of networking that can help make your endeavors more profitable.

Business Referrals

Who better to talk to about your company than the customers who love your products and services? Asking loyal customers to write or record reviews about your company is the best way to grow your company through word of mouth. To entice customers to leave a review, you can offer them incentives for their participation through discounts on products or maybe a free e-book. A lot of companies also work with social influencers to promote their merchandise. If an influencer’s audience aligns with your target demographic you can pay them to promote your brand to their followers. Some influencers will do it free in exchange for goods!

Get A Mentor

When you’re a new business owner, talking to people who are more seasoned in your field could help your company grow faster. Use your LinkedIn networks to peruse profiles for people in your industry who could lend some advice on how to grow your business. If you all don’t have any mutual friends, go ahead and leave them an inbox message to see if they are open to connecting. A lot of these people are super busy, so maybe find your way in by offering some insight or a way you can help them meet their business goals. CEOs and VPs always have people asking to take from them, so offering to help them in some way may make you stand out of the crowd. If they end up being interested in communicating with you, congrats! Even though you all can’t see each other in person right now, video calling makes it relatively easy to forge new bonds during these times.

Creative Barter

Sometimes networking isn’t even about getting a new job—sometimes it’s about expanding resources for your existing business. Although money is a fantastic motivator, some entrepreneurs exchange skills and time in order to help both businesses grow. For example, if you’re skilled in Photoshop and you meet someone who is a genius with video editing, you all could agree to use your talents to help the other. These mutually beneficial business relationships can save you money, which is gold for the businessperson on a budget.  

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