New Andrew Cuomo accuser Sherry Vill speaks out alongside Gloria Allred

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“That made me feel even more uncomfortable,” said Vill. “I felt as though he was coming on to me in my own home.”

Cuomo again allegedly grabbed Vill’s face and kissed her on the cheek outside the home — in front of Vill’s son, who was recording the governor’s visit and caught an image of the contact, displayed at the virtual briefing.

“I felt like I was being manhandled, especially because he was holding my face and he was kissing my face again,” said Vill.

Vill noted that Cuomo is approximately 6-feet tall, while she stands only about 5 feet.

“He towered over me,” she said. “There was nothing I could do.”

Days after the interaction, a member of the governor’s staff left Vill a voicemail asking her if she would like to attend an upcoming event with the governor, Vill said.

She did not respond to the call.

Vill also later received a signed letter from the governor, sent along with two photographs of him shaking her hand inside the home.

“Look what the governor sent me in the mail…” wrote Vill in a 2017 Facebook post of the package.

However, Allred said that at this time she did not intend to reach out to the state Assembly about their own ongoing investigation, or file a civil suit against the governor.

Allred and Vill also chose to reserve judgment on whether Cuomo should resign as governor, saying that the investigations should first run their course.

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