No wonder William snapped after Harry managed to smear their family as racists

Heir rage

IMAGINE William’s boiling rage.

On Monday, Harry managed to smear their family as racists before a global audience. His and Meghan’s recklessly vague anecdote about a single remark, without naming the alleged culprit, put them all in the frame.

He then idiotically narrowed the suspects down further by exonerating the Queen and Philip.

Harry has done immense damage to the institution his grandmother has nurtured her entire life. His racism claim has fuelled calls across the Commonwealth to ditch the monarchy.

And Wills has had to bite his tongue all week as the Queen, trying to calm matters, issued her mild riposte.

No wonder he could bear it no longer yesterday and snapped: “We’re very much not a racist family.” Well said.

We do recall ONE racism problem the family had: A young hothead dressed up as a Nazi, called an Asian soldier “P***” and used the offensive slang “raghead”.

Racism must always be called out.

But you’d have hoped Harry’s chastening experience might have made him wary of pointing the finger at others, almost all of whom he knows to be blameless.

Think of her

IT was shocking to hear the list read out in Parliament of 118 women killed in the last year by men. And to hear poor Sarah ­Everard’s name too.

Tory MP Maria Miller said her disappearance would painfully remind women of intimidating situations — from sexual harassment, or even assault, in public to threats of violence on social media. And it has of course heightened women’s fear when out walking alone in the dark.

The vast majority of men are no threat to anyone. And they may wonder what they can possibly do to make life better.

There is something. Think how the woman in front of you feels, knowing a man is walking close behind her.

Back off a little. Cross the road, maybe.

You know you have no ill intentions. She doesn’t. Try to imagine her unease.

In an ideal world you wouldn’t have to alter your behaviour. But the world is not ideal.

It takes a little consideration and a small adjustment. And it makes a difference.

Inject urgency

OUR Covid jabs are now working miracles.

Nearly two-thirds of over-70s have some immunity.

The vaccines appear not just to protect against illness and death but to stop old folk catching it.

Deaths and hospitalisations are plummeting. Almost 90 per cent of over-60s in England have had a first dose — and a huge surge in supply is on the way.

And yet full lockdown liberation is still three-plus months away.

Boris Johnson will soon find his snail’s-paced exit plan impossible to justify.

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