Nurse, 32, moves out to protect her family from coronavirus

Nurse, 32, shares poignant photo of her partner and three children at window of their family home as she moves out to protect them from coronavirus

  • Nurse Jay Short has moved out of her home to protect family from coronavirus 
  • The mother-of-three is on the front lines treating patients during the pandemic 
  • She spends a few minutes every day greeting her children through a window
  • Jay said moving out was ‘the hardest decision I’ve had to make’, but a necessary one to protect her daughter, who suffers from chest infections
  • She has pleaded with people to take the lockdown seriously during this time 
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

This is the heartbreaking moment a nurse visits her family at the window of their home to prevent the risk of infecting them with the coronavirus. 

Mother-of-three Jay Short, 32, has moved out of her house she shares with partner Ben, 30, and children in Ashington, Northumberland to spare them from the deadly disease as she spends her days on the front line treating patients.

Instead, Jay is now staying on the other side with her mother Judith, who works as a hospital healthcare assistant. She was scared of passing on the illness to her two sons Tommy, 12, Logan, eight, and especially her one-year-old daughter, Lottie, who has been hospitalised three times with chest infections since her birth.  

Jay’s partner Ben holds one-year-old daughter Lottie next to her sons Tommy and Logan as they greet the nurse through their front window

Her father Leonard, who is isolating with her family to help out in her absence, holds Lottie in the window as she comes to  visit them

Jay is a community nurse working on the front lines treating patients affected by coronavirus

In an emotional post on social media, which has been liked and shared thousands of times, she revealed her decision to move out, saying ‘breaking the chain’ was necessary in order for her family to survive.

She said it was ‘the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make’ and was ‘heartbroken’ that she could only have a relationship with her family through a glass window. 

Jay said: ‘Moving out was something I felt I needed to do for my family to survive.

‘I wanted to break the chain before it could even start, so I knew I had to take myself out of the equation.

‘I’m absolutely heartbroken the only relationship I can have with my children for the next few months is through the window.

‘It really hurts not being able to see my babies. It has been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, but at the same time was an easy choice.

‘But being a nurse is what I trained for three years to do and I just felt “if I can’t help our NHS now at a time like this, when can I?”

‘I knew I was happy to risk my own life facing this virus head on, I just wasn’t happy to risk anyone else’s. I’m out there every day in the thick of it, seeing the terrible effect Covid-19 is having with my own eyes.

In an emotional message on Facebook, she revealed her decision to leave and her visits from outside the house and urged others to stay at home to save lives

Jay holds her daughter Lottie, one, who has suffered with chest infections since her birth

‘I have seen the pain of people’s loved ones dying every day first hand, but there is no way I am ready for that to happen to one of my own family members.’

As a community staff nurse, Jay goes into patients’ homes and care facilities but currently due to the pandemic is mainly providing palliative care for elderly people with Covid-19.

She made the decision to isolate from her family when an outbreak of coronavirus developed in her office with nine members of her team confirmed as having the illness.

The only contact she has been able to have with her children has been through a window for just a few minutes each day – with her older sons now staying with their dad in nearby Morpeth while partner of three years Ben is at home with Lottie and Jay’s dad Leonard, who is isolating with them as he lives next door.

Jay and her family pose at Christmas with her partner Ben and her stepdaughter Luna

Jay said her younger son Logan, who has behavioural difficulties, hasn’t been able to fully understand why she has to stay away from him and has been left heartbroken by her departure.

The mum-of-three said: ‘Lottie has been in hospital with recurrent chest infections three times since she was born last year.

‘For me, it was never worth the risk that she could contract something that could harm her.

‘My dad, who lives next door and is isolating with them, is in his late sixties too and isn’t in the best of health.

She said moving out was ‘the hardest decision she has had to make’ but a necessary one

‘When NHS workers started getting ill, that meant it was not just the patients who it was affecting now, it was staff too – and I knew I couldn’t bring it home to my family.

‘Other nurses are going home to their children because they don’t have any other choice, but I didn’t want to take that risk.’

Jay has no idea how long she will be forced to stay away from her children but is following NHS guidelines closely for any updates.

She has begged Brits to stay at home in order for the virus to pass its peak sooner so she can get back to her family.

Jay said: ‘This is not a holiday – this is killing people.

Jay urged people to take the lockdown measures seriously, saying it made her angry that she was risking her life while others were on the street

‘Seeing people out on the street unnecessarily makes me so angry – I’m risking my life and they can’t even stay at home, it is absolutely stupid, and so selfish.

‘Unfortunately, it will take for coronavirus to kill someone they love before they realise they could have prevented it, and it shouldn’t have to come to that.

‘I want to be with my children, in my own home where I can bathe, cuddle and kiss them.

‘But I can’t do that until this ends, and it will only end when the public pay attention.

‘The longer people ignore the restrictions, the longer I can’t see my babies.

‘My life is upside down without them, but I am making this sacrifice for the greater good – to protect the people I love the most and care for the people who need it.’

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