‘Paedo’ Peter Nygard ‘wanted girlfriends to have abortions to use foetuses for age-defying stem cell research’

PETER Nygard wanted to get his girlfriends pregnant and have abortions so he could use the foetuses for age-defying stem cell research, it was claimed.

The revelation comes as the 79-year-old fashion mogul was charged with sex trafficking after he allegedly abused girls as young as 14.

US prosecutors demanded his arrest in Canada and he faces extradition on charges of sex assault, racketeering and trafficking.

Fifty-seven alleged victims — including a Brit — have also joined ongoing legal action, claiming Nygard used violence, intimidation, bribery and company employees to lure victims.

The mogul – who has a net worth of around £700million – strongly denies all the allegations against him.

A new book by Melissa Cronin – a copy of which was provided to The Sun Online – makes claims about Nygard alleged bizarre behaviour.

In “Predator King: Peter Nygard’s Dark Life of Rape, Drugs and Blackmail” Cronin – who also probed Jeffrey Epstein – she claims Nygard had an obsession with staying young.

The tycoon allegedly ended up establishing his stem cell research company on the island of St. Kitts, near his home in the Bahamas.

Cronin alleges the purpose was use aborted foetuses from his pregnant girlfriends to provide him with fresh stem cells.

“I may be the only person in the world who has my own embryos growing in a petri dish,” he said.

An ex-girlfriends, Suelyn Medeiros, wrote in a 2014 memoir about a trip she took with Nygard to Ukraine, where he was having stem cell research done.

“He asked, ‘Suelyn, do you know what the best stem cells are?’” she wrote, to which she replied “embryos”.

“Correct! If you got pregnant and had an abortion, we could use those embryonic cells and have a life’s supply for all of us: you, your mother and me. A lot of people are doing it,” he replied.

According to the book excerpts published in the New York Post, Medeiros says she “was beyond stunned.”

“This was the sickest thing I’d ever heard Peter say,” she said.

“I couldn’t speak for a moment. Finally, catching my breath, I said, ‘Peter, I do not believe in abortion.’”

Nygard would host what he called "Pamper Parties" – often at his private island resort Nygard Cay in the Caribbean.

He would allegedly choose out girls for sex and then either force himself upon them, drug them or offer them cash.

Nygard is alleged to have targeted women and underage girls with the false promises of modelling opportunities before sexually assaulting them.

In a statement, the Justice Department said Nygard is facing charges related to "at least a dozen" victims in a pattern of criminality across the US, the Bahamas, Canada and other locations.

He denies the charges.

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