People make fun of my Tyson Fury tattoo saying it looks NOTHING like him and I should have it removed – but I love it

A MUM who got a Tyson Fury tattoo has been trolled viciously online – with people saying the inking looks nothing like the Gypsy King and she should have it removed.

Mother-of -two Anna Sinclair got the tattoo on her arm as a tribute to the heavyweight champ – who she says is her "hero" who even inspired her to stop drinking.

However she was bombarded with mean comments when she posted it on a fan page on Facebook, with fans claiming the tattoo resembled "Harvey Price with a skinhead", "Ross Kemp", "boxer Alan Babic" – and even "Boy George without his hat on".

Others said: "It looks like the guy Barry down the road who sells the cheap backy [sic]" while one claimed it looked like his milkman.

One fan told her: "He looks like anyone else but not Fury…If I was you I'd get my money back."

However Anna, 37,said she doesn't care what her "haters" say – and loves the tattoo – and thinks Fury would too.

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Anna, who now lives in Tenerife, told The Sun: "I chose this tattoo myself and I'm actually very happy with it. The tattooist was great.

"I don't care what anyone says, it's not supposed to be a photograph for him, it's an artwork and looks exactly like the picture I took to the artist. People don't understand it.

"I don't know why people are saying it looks like these random people – but I don't care, other people's business is not my business.

"People don't see what I see – everyone has different a different eye for beauty. For me I see beauty in everything.

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"I'm not angry with them, but I do think, 'Come on guys I was just trying to celebrate and share something really cool with you'.

"They are very unkind, do they not have better things to do than slag off my tattoo? I'm more more sad for them because we are not put here on earth to make each other feel bad.

"I think the real fans of Tyson should be as positive as he is."

She joked: "My kids think I'm crazy for getting a tattoo of Tyson Fury. But I love him – even if I don't have a boyfriend it's going to be my dream boyfriend.

"I think Tyson would like my tattoo, I think it would make him smile!"

Anna said she wasn't even a boxing fan before she watched her first Fury fight – but became hooked and started watching his previous matches and interviews online.

I went and got the tattoo just because I want to wake up and see his face."

She said the boxer became such an inspiration to her he helped her through tough times in her life – and even helped her quit booze.

Anna got the tattoo on Tuesday – just days after days after the Gypsy King knocked out fellow Brit Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium.

"He became such an inspiration to me that I went and got the tattoo just because I want to wake up and see his face," she said.

"I just loved everything about him – his whole energy, his look and his attitude.

"I liked the way he talked openly about his mental health struggles with anxiety because I can relate to that.

"I just love him. Our birthdays are close together and I feel very much like him, like I'm Tyson in a woman's body.

"He really just got into my soul, and I know he has a wife and everything and I respect that and I'm not even trying to go there. I love him on a different kind of level.

"He even inspired me to stop drinking. A boyfriend had assaulted me and I had a court case going on and I started drinking a lot but it was Tyson and his positive attitude towards everything that inspired me to stop."

Other fans on the Facebook page did show their support for Anna, with one user posting: "Ignore the haters… I understand the design is not a portrait and it absolutely does look like him.

"Enjoy your new ink, your choice, your body, your life."

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