Pesky seagulls force library closure after causing £2million damage | The Sun

NESTING seagulls have shut a library for good by causing £2million worth of damage.

A drone survey found soil moved by gulls blocked gutters, causing cracked pipes at the 135-year-old building.

Bosses shut it for safety checks in December and have now said it will remain closed.

Gulls are protected under the Wildlife Act 1981 and repairs must be made outside the nesting season.

Kent County Council, which maintains the Grade II-listed structure in Folkestone, said it cannot afford them anyway.

Locals signed a petition and put up Save Our Library signs demanding a meeting to discuss the condition report.


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Campaigner Jon O’Connor said “We’re not giving up until we have some proper answers.”

The council said: “Downpipes are restricted and in addition to significant rainfall, contributes to worsening water damage. The work is significant and funds are not available in the current financial climate.

“The library will remain closed until further notice. We will continue to look for other funding and locations.”

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