Pub bans ALL children under 12 to stop 'badly-behaved' and 'rowdy' kids disrupting adults' meals

CUSTOMERS are divided after a pub banned all children under 12 to stop the boozer from "turning into a creche".

The long-standing landlady of a popular pub in Hampshire says the latest "rowdy" and "badly behaved" kids at the weekend have pushed her to the limit.

Lucy Draper, who has run The Compass Inn in Winsor for the past 26 years, says she was forced into the decision because of a "family with no respect" who dined in the pub on Sunday.

The dog-friendly and "100 percent gluten free" pub hit the headlines last year when the landlord said children under 12 were no longer welcome, except on Sundays.

But now even that invitation has been reversed following a chaotic lunch sitting.

She said: “We have yet again experienced a family with no respect for other diners as their children were so badly behaved.


“When we take bookings we have no idea if children are going to behave in an adult environment.

“We had complaints about the rowdy children, had to move people to a quieter area, apologise for them and the staff had to put up with the backlash this family created.

“All bookings we have already taken with children on a Sunday we will honour, but as from today we will not be taking any further bookings for children on a Sunday.

“It’s a shame that I have had to make this decision but we are ultimately an adult only pub but some families disregard this fact that we expect their children to behave which unfortunately is not always the case.”

Speaking yesterday, Lucy, 67, told the Daily Echo she’d been inundated with calls and emails from as far afield as Australia and America discussing her controversial decision.

But parents are still battling it out on social media over the new policy, with some some calling it "disgusting" and "ridiculous" and others praising the decision saying they'll now enjoy a peaceful and quiet meal.

One pub goer thanked the landlady: "There’s so many places for families and children (I have two myself) but very few adult only places. It’s much needed adult time and I think it’s so needed, thank you."

Another was prepared to wait: "It's a shame that some ruin it for others. I would have liked to have booked a family meal, as I've heard fantastic things about your food. My eldest is a coeliac. Nevermind, hopefully in four years time we can come as a family."

Another said: "I think this is fantastic! We will definitely be coming to you for Sunday lunch at some point! Families with young children have so, so many places to eat and be loud, it’s nice to see somewhere that caters for adults.

But others said the pub was "tarnishing all parents with one brush" and were disappointed given it was one of few coeliac-friendly pubs around.

"Oh no! we were going to book for my 30th with my well-behaved, three-year-old. We're always so respectful and mindful of others when we go out as a family and it's so upsetting to see that this has happened and some families have ruined it for everyone. I hope you're still around when she's 12!"


Another agreed: "That's a bit unfair on families with well-behaved children, sounds like an excuse to me, I bet if those noisy kids barked, had wet noses and smelt like a damp ditch you would welcome them with open arms!"

"Absolutely disgusted with your decision, I brought my children here who are coeliac when under 18 and they loved having the choice on the menu, now they are over 18, but will not be returning under principle, like somebody said earlier are you going to next ban disabled adult who might be loud! Luckily for us we have another gluten free pub locally!" said another vowing to take their business elsewhere.

Speaking last September, Lucy hit back at angry customers: "It's their parents' fault. They just don't discipline them, so 75 per cent of the children that come in now, they're screaming and running around and not sitting at tables.

"Families will come in here around 5 o'clock after their children have been in the park all day long and they're hyper. They should be taken home to bed.

"The other day I had to move two tables out of one of our rooms because there was a family in there with four children and they couldn't hear themselves think.

It's a great shame I've had to do it for some people, because we get quite a few nice children that have the allergy and I feel sorry for them

"It's a great shame I've had to do it for some people, because we get quite a few nice children that have the allergy and I feel sorry for them.

"Especially with Covid now, everyone has to be seated in the pub, but they're not, and that's just brought it to a head and I've had enough."

Lucy, who has been a landlady for 25 years, she's even had Tripadviser reviews from disgruntled customers who complained they had to leave due to poorly behaved kids.

The pub, which employs 12 staff, has three small rooms and can seat up to 35 people, with an extra 35 seats in the garden area.

Lucy said: "We've had a lot of reviews saying 'she's not child-friendly', 'she won't let children be children', well no they shouldn't be children in the pub.

"This pub is an adult environment. It shouldn't be a children's creche and most of my regulars are there every day or two to three times per week just for a quiet drink or meal."

She added: "I understand that we're number one for gluten-free in the area, but I have made sure there's a time for families to come on a Sunday and I hope they do still come in."


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