Russian POWs watch atrocities carried out by Putin's forces

Russian POWs are forced to watch atrocities carried out by Putin’s forces including executions and missile attacks on civilians in a bid to teach them ‘who is the absolute evil in this world’

  •  Video shows alleged war crimes carried out by their compatriots
  •  Graphic footage includes the killing of electrician Oleksandr Matsievskyi
  •  It also highlights the murder of Ukrainian parents and children

Russian POWs in Ukraine are being confronted with a graphic and harrowing film outlining the ‘absolute evil’ of Putin’s forces in the war.

A video shows the captives forced to watch the footage outlining alleged war crimes by their compatriots.

The film, without cuts and retouching, highlights the shooting of civilians, the execution of prisoners and Russian rockets hitting residential areas.

It also includes the killing of children and parents, and the torture of hostages, and was shared by the Ukrainian parliament’s Human Rights Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets.

He said: ‘The Russian military were shown the documentary film Absolute Evil about their own war crimes committed in Ukraine.

‘What is in the heads of these persons – it is not known, what is in the eyes – see for yourself.

‘I hope that after watching it, they realise who is the absolute evil in this world.’

A caption to the 29-minute film stated: ‘The authors of the documentary give the names of those who committed these crimes and prove that the elimination of Ukrainians as an ethnic group is Russia’s military strategy.’

It is unclear who organised the showing for the Russian prisoners of war and if they were coerced to watch it.

It opens with the notorious case of electrician Oleksandr ‘Sasha’ Matsievskyi, 42, a Ukrainian PoW shot dead from multiple Russian guns as he smoked and uttered the words ‘Glory to Ukraine’.

Russian POWs in Ukraine watch the film Absolute Evil, directed by journalist Andriy Tsaplienko

In March he was honoured as a hero with the country’s highest medal by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The film states: ‘The murderers film their own crime and later upload the evidence to social media.

‘Some might say it’s an isolated incident.

‘But if you manage not to close your eyes you will see the horrible and uncomfortable truth the world is so reluctant to see.

‘Mass killings of Ukrainians is Russia’s military strategy.

The film shows the killing of electrician and decorated soldier Oleksandr ‘Sasha’ Matsievskyi 

‘A managed process that involves those who pull the triggers and those who [give] the orders.

‘This film shows just a few of Russia’s war crimes.

‘But even so it helps one comprehend the scale of the absolute evil Ukraine is confronted with.’

The film, directed by Kharkiv-born journalist Andriy Tsaplienko, 54, also highlights a case soon after the start of the war when a man is shot dead by a machine gunner on a Russian tank in footage filmed from a Ukrainian military drone.

The man had his hands up after getting out of his car as he was gunned down.

A woman relative and his six-year-old child escape to an unknown location.

But the boy’s mother Kseniya Tsaturova – who saved the boy by covering him with her body – was killed in the car.

The film recounts how her charred remains were found in the car later when Ukraine liberated the territory.

Over several hundred yards, 13 burned corpses were found.

‘Several female bodies with signs of rape were piled up and set on fire right on the highway,’ the film’s commentary states.

While many Russians involved in the ‘war crimes’ had not been identified, those in the tank when Tsaturova and her husband Maksym Iovenko were killed had been identified.

The film named them as Corporal Chingiz Tariashynov and Senior Lieutenant Daniil Ishchenko.

The film contains graphic images of men, women and children being killed during the war

Russian POWs watch the documentary, which has been released to highlight ‘absolute evil’

The documentary also highlights the tragic case of Liza Dmitrieva, four, killed in her pushchair, by a Russian strike.

Her mother Irina, 33, was left gravely wounded.

It cited a priest at the burial of another victim as saying: ‘Absolute evil shall be defeated.’

The film concludes: ‘But that requires that the world does not make any compromise with absolute evil.

‘And does not sell out one war ravaged European country for its own comfort.

‘Every crime has its name and surname.

‘That’s why punishment must be targeted and unavoidable otherwise evil will inevitably return.

‘It will come back to us manyfold.’

Russian forces have committed 88,517 war crimes and crimes of aggression in Ukraine since the start of Russia’s all-out war, according to Kyiv’s prosecutor-general.

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