Second $1,200 stimulus checks could be sent in TWO WEEKS if deal is passed by Senate in 10 days

IF Congress can come to an agreement on a new coronavirus relief package within the next 10 days, another round of $1,200 stimulus checks could be sent out in just two weeks.

Democrats and Republicans are still at odds over the specifics of a new package, but there is some hope that a negotiation may be reached now that the House is due to return from summer break next week.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that if another round of checks gets approval, it would take about a week to get the first payments set up.

CNET put together a timeline of when Americans can expect the cash should another bill get approval.

When the House returns next week, there will be 12 working days to come to an agreement before Congress breaks again for the election. The Senate has 22 working days before the election break; they returned from summer recess earlier this week.

If the Senate passes a package on Sept. 22, the House approves and President Trump signs the bill within two days, the first checks could go out by Sept. 28.

If the Senate passes the package on Sept. 30, the House approves and the president signs the bill by Oct. 2, the first checks could go out by Oct. 12.

Of course, whether or not another round of stimulus checks will even be included in a new COVID-19 relief package remains unclear.

Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a $300billion relief package that included a second round of Paycheck Protection Program funds for small businesses, and $105billion for schools and colleges.

The bill also contained a liability protection plan to protect businesses from lawsuits from employees or customers who contract Covid-19.

The bill failed to pass and McConnell slammed Democrats for choosing to "play games" instead of focusing on passing a realistic package.

"It makes you believe that they don't want to do another proposal," McConnell said after the bill failed to pass.

"They want to wait until after the election and play games with this."

The Democrats initially pushed for a $3trillion coronavirus relief package, but the bill was dismissed by Republicans who wanted to push a "slimmer" bill through.

Congressional Republicans and Democrats were in active negotiations in the weeks leading up to their summer recess in August, however, no agreement was reached – and both sides blamed each other for holding up a bill.

The president has said that Democrats are avoiding a deal on stimulus checks because they believe a bad economy will help Democratic nominee Joe Biden win the November election.

"They don't want to make a deal. I don't have to meet with them in order to be turned down," Trump said, according to CBS.

"They think if the country does as badly as possible, even though a lot of people are being hurt, that’s good for the Democrats."

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