Shocking moment naked man in Russia is knocked out with one punch as he struts down middle of a road holding up traffic

THIS is the shocking moment a naked man is knocked out with a punch as he blocks cars along a busy street.

A shocking video taken by a witness shows the man strutting down the road against traffic.

As he walks down the street, he blocks cars from passing by, forcing vehicles to steer away to avoid crashing into the bloke.

Passers-by can be seen watching in disbelief and some of them laugh at the shocking scene unfolding before their eyes.

It is believed the clip was filmed in Russia.

In the clip, the naked man stands in front of a white car demanding the driver move out of his way.

The driver seems to try and steer his vehicle but does not manage to squeeze past the narrow gap.

Frustrated at the incident, he gets out of his vehicle to confront the naked man.

The pair seem to be talking for a couple of seconds.

All of a sudden, the driver throws a hard punch across the bloke’s face, sending him crashing to the ground.

A video of the incident was uploaded to Twitter on August 5 and has since gone viral, gaining over 828.8K views.

It is not known if any arrests or charges were made.

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